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Written by Mina Baller

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The self-employed and contract individuals historically make up 7% ofrepparttar U.S. labor force, but according to Ed Potter, president ofrepparttar 131781 Employment Policy Foundation, that number could grow to 10% overrepparttar 131782 next several years. These may seem small percentages, but an increase to 10 percent equates to millions of workers in a labor force of 146 million, Potter pointed out. In this burgeoning market, it’s difficult to findrepparttar 131783 most qualified individual- someone whose technical skills overpower those ofrepparttar 131784 others. has also addressed this issue, with their bidding format assuringrepparttar 131785 lowest costs, and a growing pool of experts whose profile, resume, and portfolios can be examined before one step is ever taken, hasrepparttar 131786 traffic to this site booming. Technology has advanced torepparttar 131787 point that most workers have full home offices. “Like so many things in life, work is becoming much more idiosyncratic, customized and personalized,” says author Dan Pink, who published “Free Agent Nation” in 2001. So, here goesrepparttar 131788 new wave of this century, andrepparttar 131789 smartest way of performing business. CONTACT INFORMATION: Mina Baller


Why Web Designers & Webmasters Should Promote Themselves as Problem-

Written by Bonnie Lowe

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Here are some more advertising tips:

• Tell EVERYONE that you are starting a web site design business and are looking for clients. • Contact your local newspaper and tell them about your new business that offers services torepparttar community. Sometimes human-interest stories like this are just what they’re looking for. • Write articles aboutrepparttar 131779 importance of web sites in promoting business onrepparttar 131780 Internet, and submit them torepparttar 131781 newspaper, Chamber of Commerce newsletters, and any other sources you can think of.

You must understandrepparttar 131782 importance of promoting yourself and your services; it’s a key element of a successful business. But don’t spend all of your time talking about your business; spend most of it listening to other people. Build rapport. Get people to identify you as someone who understands their business needs. Keeprepparttar 131783 focus on them, find out what they need to make their business better, and then tell them how you can help them get it!

------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Bonnie Lowe is a copywriter specializing in web site marketing. For more information on how to build or enhance your web site design or webmaster business, downloadrepparttar 131784 comprehensive and FREE “Webmaster Business Master Course” fromrepparttar 131785 following link:

Bonnie Lowe is a copywriter specializing in Internet/web site marketing.

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