Bible Verses for Your Wedding - Part I

Written by Deborah Spence

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Ruth 1:16 The devotion of Ruth to a new family Song of Solomon 2:10-14, 16a The lover arrives in Spring to call for his bride Song of Solomon 8:6-7 A bride beseeches her lover to be faithful Isaiah 26:3-4 Trust in God Isaiah 43:1-7 Our redemption by God, and God's presence and love in our lives Isaiah 55:10-13 God's word feeds and nurtures us Isaiah 61:10-62:3 Our certain salvation and a new status Psalm 19 A Psalm praising God as creator Psalm 34:8 A Psalm of Thanksgiving. Vs. 8 is particularly nice for weddings which include Holy Communion. Psalm 98:1a, 4-6 A Psalm of praise Psalm 100 A Psalm of praise Psalm 119 The longest inrepparttar Bible,repparttar 127046 entire Psalm is a reflection on God's laws, with verses 1-16 reflecting on walking always in God's way. Psalm 127 A home built by God Psalm 128 The blessings of lives led by God Tobit 8:5-9 Tobias and Sarah praise God and acknowledge Him asrepparttar 127047 creator who ordained marriage. Tobias prays for mercy and that God allow him and Sarah to grow old together. (This isrepparttar 127048 only verse fromrepparttar 127049 Apocrypha.)

Part II of "Bible Verses for Your Wedding" will include suggestions fromrepparttar 127050 Gospels and New Testament with ideas on how to choose appropriate passages to make your wedding special.

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Deborah Spence holds a Master's Degree in Sacred Music and has been involved with weddings for more than 20 years. As a church music director, she's been actively associated with the ceremonial side of weddings in a variety of settings.


Written by Rolf Gompertz

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The book has received high praise from religious and lay leaders. “…A powerful, modern midrash (commentary) onrepparttar life of Abraham, giving it a contemporary ring …The Biblical characters come alive and become very human. It has been meticulously researched and bearsrepparttar 127044 mark of a master storyteller” -- Rabbi Moshe J. Rothblum of Adat Ari El, a Conservative synagogue in North Hollywood, CA “…Simply stunningly brilliant and plausible, in every way…A lovely, powerful and important book.” --Rev. Alla Renée Bozarth, Ph.D., Episcopal priest, Sandy, Oregon, author of “The Book of Bliss” and “Atrepparttar 127045 Foot ofrepparttar 127046 Mountain.”

Gompertz isrepparttar 127047 author of seven previous books, including his acclaimed biblical novel, “My Jewish Brother Jesus,” written from a Jewish point of view. Gompertz and his parents came to America in 1939, as refugees from Nazi Germany. He has his B.A. and M.A. degrees in English from UCLA. He was on staff with NBC and teaches at UCLA Extension. He created, produced, wrote and hosted a local TV series, “ADAT ARI EL PRESENTS: Journeys into Judaism.” He and his wife, Carol, live in North Hollywood, California. They have three adult children and four grandchildren.

Rolf Gompertz is the author of eight books, including, “Abraham, The Dreamer/An Erotic and Sacred Love Story,” a biblical paperback novel about the turbulent relationship between Abraham, his wife, Sarah, and “the other woman,” Hagar. It may be browsed and ordered online at, at or ordered from any bookstore or at iUniverse’s toll free number 1/877/823-9235. Author contact: mailto

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