Beyond Paint: Decorating Walls With Stencils

Written by Kathy Burns-Millyard

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This is an example of very delicate and truly artistic treatment of stencil-work, and one can easily see how it can be used either in simple or elaborate fashion with great effect.

Irregularly placed floating forms of Persian or Arabic design are often admirably stencilled in color upon a painted wall; but in this caserepparttar colors should be varied and not too strong. A group of forms floating away from a window-frame or cornice can be done in two shades ofrepparttar 100027 wall color, one of which is positively darker and one lighter thanrepparttar 100028 ground. If to these two shades some delicately contrasting color is occasionally addedrepparttar 100029 effect is not only pleasing, but belongs to a thoroughly good style.

One seldom tires of a good stencilled wall; probably because it is intrinsic, and not applied inrepparttar 100030 sense of paper or textiles. It carries an air of permanency which discourages change or experiment, but it may take a bit of practice to do well.

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The Surest Way to Happy Customers!

Written by Wally Conway

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Lastly, it is critical to keeprepparttar customer engaged inrepparttar 100026 process. Whenrepparttar 100027 customer is deeply involved with every turn inrepparttar 100028 home buying journey they feel more in control. Forrepparttar 100029 home inspection, this meansrepparttar 100030 buyer must attendrepparttar 100031 inspection. It is interesting to study home inspection complaints. We receive about one complaint for every 500 homes inspected. That is really very few, but remember we are working toward zero! By our definition a complaint is a call from a past customer that could not be solved overrepparttar 100032 phone, but required me to revisitrepparttar 100033 home. In 9 out of 10 complaints,repparttar 100034 customer did not attendrepparttar 100035 inspection!

By not attendingrepparttar 100036 home inspection, buyers have a greatly reduced understanding of not onlyrepparttar 100037 inspection process, but also a reduced understanding of their home. And more bad news, ifrepparttar 100038 buyer did not attendrepparttar 100039 inspection, their real estate professional probably did. Now not only are they unhappy with me, they are also unhappy with their agent!

After more than ten years and 20,000 inspections I can tell you this,repparttar 100040 surest way to a happy customer overrepparttar 100041 long term is:

Always putrepparttar 100042 best interest ofrepparttar 100043 customer first Educate your customers for clear and comfortable decision making Participate along withrepparttar 100044 customer in every event So far so good,repparttar 100045 phones are ringing,repparttar 100046 schedule is filling and to this point, a complaint free year! Let's all work hard to keeprepparttar 100047 streak going!

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