Beyond Keyword Demand

Written by Steve Gillman

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4. "Odd" keywords. I optimized my site for "brain power," and later found there was even more traffic for "brainpower." Both, byrepparttar way, are inrepparttar 146279 dictionary. Look for odd search phrases, but be careful optimizing for misspellings and bad-grammar keywords, if it might hurtrepparttar 146280 reputation of your site.

5. Value of keyword ads. If you rely partly on Google Adsense for revenue, you may want to considerrepparttar 146281 ads that will be diplayed for a given keyword. Poetry pages will get you about $0.04 per click, while surveilance cameras can get you $2.00 per click.

A final consideration when doing keyword research is to consider your interest inrepparttar 146282 topic represented byrepparttar 146283 keyword. Do you want to write a page on that, and can you deliver what a searcher of that term is looking for?

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5 Critical Promotion Mistakes People Make With Articles

Written by Jim Edwards

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Article authors should spend at least half as much time writingrepparttar headline as they spend writing their actual article.

In fact, an "average" article can get superior results simply from having a great headline atrepparttar 146252 beginning.

Mistake #4 - "What's In It For Me"

If they manage to make it pastrepparttar 146253 first 3 pitfalls, many article authors trip on their shoelaces at this stage ofrepparttar 146254 process! Don't write about what you want to write about, only write on topics of high interest to your target audience.

In other words, give them exactly what they want and they will love you. Nobody cares how much of an expert you rate on a particular topic until they know you can deliver information they need in a way they can use - now!

Mistake #5 - "No Shoe Polish"

You could write an article worthy ofrepparttar 146255 front page ofrepparttar 146256 Wall Street Journal, but as soon as somebody spots a typo or misspelling, they immediately put your article lower than a Sunday sales circular.

Seriously, if you want to undermine allrepparttar 146257 good you can do with a great article, send it out without proper spell- checking!

No matter what product or service you sell, once you understandrepparttar 146258 promotion power of free articles, you'll never look at website traffic generationrepparttar 146259 same way.

But remember, if you abuserepparttar 146260 power, spam ezine editors, or blatantly pitch people instead of providing real information, you might as well skiprepparttar 146261 whole process altogether.

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