Beyond Diets

Written by Debra Betterly, Ph.D., CLC

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Be Physically Active: •We are born withrepparttar need to move! Choose movement that is pleasurable, rather than being active only to lose weight or compensate for overeating. •You will find that when you are more physically active, you are likely to be more energized and feel good about your body and your health. •Sign up for my new “Beyond Diets; Be At Your Best Weight” coaching package to help you progress throughrepparttar 138020 six stages of change to a place whererepparttar 138021 old you no longer exists and your new lifestyle is as automatic as brushing your teeth!

Normalize Your Eating Patterns: •Increase your awareness of physical hunger. Many of us have lost our ability to tune into our physical hunger cues because ofrepparttar 138022 unhealthy relationship we have with food. •Get calm about food. We live in a nation where there seems to be an endless supply of food. We can eat whenever and whatever we want to. Start listening to your body to begin using food in a healthier way-as fuel that can also bring pleasure to our lives. •There are no “bad” foods. Choose a variety of foods that are both satisfying and health-enhancing. Keep in mind that quality and quantity of food eaten influences a person’s health. In moderation, all foods can be part of healthy eating. •Tune into your emotions. Notice if there is a pattern of using food to try to resolve emotional issues. Are there specific feelings that prompt eating? Do you need more breaks from your routine? Is there a relationship issue that needs to be dealt with? If so, coaching can help you sort this out.

Finally keep in mind that change takes time and be patient with yourself. Seek out supportive people and environments and change because you’re a wonderful person—not because you want to become one. ********************************* Challenge ofrepparttar 138023 Month Honor yourself this month by taking extremely good care of yourself: •Try a great new healthy recipe each week using allrepparttar 138024 wonderful fresh produce available this time of year. •Take some time to plan your meals each week and prepare your grocery list accordingly. •Have fun being active! Try a new activity each week such as biking, swimming, in-line skating, walking with friends or family, hiking a bluff, or putting on some tunes and dancingrepparttar 138025 night away in your own living room. •Stop any negative self-talk as soon as you notice it and change it. •Repeat a positive affirmation such as “ I will treat my body with respect, giving it enough rest, fueling it with a variety of foods, exercising it moderately, and listening to what it needs.” Each day. •Compliment someone for something other than how they look. Tell them what is really great about them! (Do this for yourself too!) Now add a couple of your own: • •

Debra Betterly is a Life Coach whose specialty is midlife mastery. This article is derived from her newsletter, “Second Acts”, a spirit-mind-body approach for women re-inventing the second half of life. Please visit to subscribe to this free monthly eNewsletter. Debra is also the author of a video eCourse called "A Better Way to a Better Body" at

Before and After: It's Your Turn

Written by Steve Gillman

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Don't Wait To Lose Weight

You know you can lose weight eventually. There are a hundred ways to lose weight, and even though most of them won't work for you, only one of them has to, right? But why wait until you find that way to have your "after" picture?

If you want to be noticed more, and feel better about yourself - if you want to be that "after" picture - you can do it today. Have your hair done, put nice clothes on, start smiling, and start acting like an "after" photo. It works forrepparttar sellers of weight loss plans, and it will work for you.

Steve Gillman writes on many self-improvement topics. You can get more weight loss tips, and subscribe to a free weight loss newsletter at:

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