Beyond Common Sense...

Written by Terry Dashner

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One of my favorite authors is Peter Kreeft. The professor says, “A standard joke-shop item isrepparttar little black box: when you moverepparttar 138824 lever from ‘off’ to ‘on’, it whirrs, blinks a red light, and opens a trap door in its top, allowing a hand to come out and shut its lever off, then drop back intorepparttar 138825 box. Every part ofrepparttar 138826 box is practical—it has a purpose beyond itself—the battery sends energy alongrepparttar 138827 wire;repparttar 138828 wire takes it to a gear;repparttar 138829 gear turns; it opensrepparttar 138830 top; and so on—but there is absolutely no reason or purpose torepparttar 138831 box as a whole. That is why it is so funny.

“But a life like that, a life composed only of practical things that serve some other end but with nothing in it worth having for its own sake—the true,repparttar 138832 good,repparttar 138833 beautiful—such a life is not funny but pitiful.”

That truth smacks some of us betweenrepparttar 138834 eyes. We are going about life, minding our own business, paying our dues, and priding ourselves as to our pragmatism. But there is nothing more to us. We aren’t reaching beyond ourselves into thoughts of eternity. We don’t deal with that because it’s complicated and stresses our comfort zones of practicality. To really know yourself, you must seek wisdom. And wisdom is beyond you. It is in God alone.

If we do not look beyond appearance and seek outrepparttar 138835 true reality, we are cowards and living only for today. “If we are satisfied with only what makes us happy, we will never know whether we are being deceived about who we are and what level of our being is being satisfied,” states Kreeft. It’s something to think about.

Keeprepparttar 138836 faith. Stayrepparttar 138837 course. Jesus is coming soon.

Pastor Tdash

Writes daily devotions for his congregation.

The Body-Temple, A Song of Glory

Written by Judith Pennington

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Here isrepparttar harmony sought by each of us, an orchestration of many notes into a melodious symphony of consciousness.

How do we harmonize our own aspects? We need only listen to each individual note--body, mind and heart--so that these may naturally move into a vibrant, resonant chord felt and heard throughoutrepparttar 138721 body of Creation.

Our souls live and breathe in our body-temples, which seek purity and wholeness. Each body, given a voice, will say whether we are honoring or dishonoring it. Only close your eyes and ask whether this food, drink, word or deed, given out or received, brings good or ill to self or another. The body, mind, heart and soul, asked this question, will each speak its truth.

If you don't get an answer right away, ask again. Trustrepparttar 138722 answer to come and it will. Perhaps it already does come to you without asking. If not, your asking will enable it to speak in warning or in joy, in perfect timing. So we grow in ourselves and resonate with our light-filled world of beauty and order.

When we call upon our thoughts, feelings and body sensations to guide us into harmony and peace, we open fully torepparttar 138723 spiritual intuition which exists to comfort and guide our soul growth. In listening torepparttar 138724 voice ofrepparttar 138725 soul, we begin to receive impressions throughrepparttar 138726 web of life connecting us with animals, plants, nature spirits, angels and every other aspect ofrepparttar 138727 Greater Whole, whether seen or unseen.

For peace to begin with me, it must be in harmony withrepparttar 138728 Oneness of all creation, so that each note may give and receive in equal measure. Only in this musical cooperation will we have a vibrant body-temple, happy families, healthy governments and global peace.

Judith Pennington is a writer, singer and coast-to-coast teacher of meditation and the evolution of human consciousness. The author of a groundbreaking book, "The Voice of the Soul," she publishes a free e-newsletter and subscription e-magazine through her website,

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