Beware of the Biz Op Gypsy

Written by Sandra Stammberger

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4) Limited Time Offer - This is one ofrepparttar most effective tactics biz op gypsies use. You'll normally be pitched a line that has something to do withrepparttar 127561 home company closing registrations soon becauserepparttar 127562 company has been so successful. You'll be told this is your last chance to get intorepparttar 127563 group. Nonsense! Legitimate MLM or biz op companies know how valuable their representatives are. They are fully aware that their reps arerepparttar 127564 ones that makerepparttar 127565 money for them. No legit companies would close registrations of new members - unless they were going out of business themselves.

5) Use Your Common Sense - Think about what you are being told. Considerrepparttar 127566 "flow" of a business. For example,repparttar 127567 company might state that they provide "everything you need" to be successful. This could include brochures, a Web site, letters, sales forms, products, etc. Before you get too excited, stop and think about what's missing. Who will you giverepparttar 127568 brochures to? How will you get traffic to your Web site? Who will buyrepparttar 127569 products? The customers! The home company needs associates to bring them customers. Basically, any MLM or biz op company is looking for salespeople. That's you! And believe me, it takes a lot of time and energy (at first) to build a customer base before you begin seeingrepparttar 127570 piles of money some gypsies tell you about.

Think things through, and use your common sense when considering business opportunities. There are some excellent companies available that offer tremendous benefits and support. The upstanding ones will gladly give you full disclosure. The reason? It's a waste of their time to bring in associates that are not fully prepared and able to work for them. After all,repparttar 127571 riches come - for you andrepparttar 127572 home company - when sales are made. Keep investigating until you find an opportunity that's right for you. Then you can work toward financial independence withrepparttar 127573 backing of a legitimate organization.

Sandra Stammberger works with legitimate businesses to help them promote their biz ops to thousands of interested individuals. If you have an upstanding company who is looking to recruit new sign-ups - guaranteed - visit today!

Beware Medical Billing Scams

Written by Shelley Lockwood

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You won't have to sell a thing. You don't need any experience at all.

What's even more amazing is they'll supply you with a complete turnkey billing operation for a one time "small" investment.

That small investment, usually turns out to be a price tag that Runs anywhere from $2000.00 to $8000.00. This is supposed to Include everything that you'll need. Software, training, technical support and a list of clients.

Rarely do you get a list of eager customers, or a reliable supply of leads. Like it or not, you will have to sell.

They fail to mention thatrepparttar competition inrepparttar 127560 medical billing market is fierce. That you'll have to compete with several large companies who are already well established inrepparttar 127561 market.

They may provide you with references. Don't be fooled, they may be people who are simply paid to sayrepparttar 127562 right things.

They also won't tell you that most people who purchase this type of business rarely get offrepparttar 127563 ground. The initial investment is usually a loss.

Beware this online scam and many others. If you want to earn extra income by working from home, or if you want to start your own home business, proceed with caution.

Always, look before you leap. Invest time up front learning as much as you can aboutrepparttar 127564 opportunity andrepparttar 127565 company offering it.

Copyright (c) 2003 by Shelley Lockwood

After falling for a few scams, Shelley Lockwood is now dedicated to helping stop the spread of scams by spreading awareness. Learn more about scams by visiting

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