Beware The Difficult Client

Written by Angela Booth

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Weapon: your reply: "I'd love to do that for you, I'll fax you my rates andrepparttar amended contract later this afternoon."

=> The Artiste

Her cry varies. Variations onrepparttar 117383 theme include:

* "This didn't grab me as it should have";

* "I expected more from you"; and

* "I was disappointed that _______"

The Artiste has a vision ofrepparttar 117384 completed project in her head. Unfortunately, she can't articulate her vision so that you can execute it adequately.

Your weapon: a signed contract which specifies that you will complete one revision. All further revisions are chargeable at your hourly rate, which is $X.

=> The Spider, aka Quicksand

Her cry is: "I'm sorry to spring this on you atrepparttar 117385 last minute, but we need it for a lunch meeting. It won't take you long". The Spider isrepparttar 117386 most dangerous ofrepparttar 117387 difficult clients.

Here's how a scenario with The Spider plays out:

* she dictatesrepparttar 117388 brief overrepparttar 117389 phone because she's in a meeting/ in her car/ late for a plane;

*repparttar 117390 project must be completed within an hour or a couple of hours; hence

* no time for a contract;

* you can't reach her when you realize you don't have enough information to completerepparttar 117391 project;

* you'll completerepparttar 117392 project knowing you've done a less than adequate job; and

* you won't get paid.

Your weapon: your mantra, which is "no contract, no deal". You will be tempted. The Spider is plausible, and offers you candy inrepparttar 117393 form of promises of future work.

Don't succumb. Remember: you won't get paid. This is because you won't submit an invoice, because you know you did a poor job. You know this because The Spider takes delight in calling you to say: "We couldn't userepparttar 117394 work you sent. It wasn't up to our standard."

The Spider is dangerous because she will bad-mouth you in your industry. After doing her best to ruin your reputation, she will call you again within a few months, usingrepparttar 117395 same tactics.

At times in your business journey, you'll work with so many difficult clients that you'll begin to wonder whether you're wearing an invisible "Kick Me" sign. Always remember that The Contract is your primary weapon. It turnsrepparttar 117396 most ferocious difficult clients into purring kittens.

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Family Matters: Easing the Transition to a Home Business

Written by Angela Wu

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* Other sources such as loans, grants, lines of credit, and more. You can find a good list of options atrepparttar US Small Business Administration website:

Discussrepparttar 117382 options with your family to find something acceptable. You may also want to discuss it with a certified financial planner, who can also help you to develop a contingency plan for emergencies.

__What Isrepparttar 117383 Impact on Normal Household Activity?

Businesses require a great deal of time and effort -- and that goes double forrepparttar 117384 startup phase! While you work to get your business offrepparttar 117385 ground, how will daily household tasks be handled? Will your spouse and children help out more?

It's not justrepparttar 117386 chores that need to be done, though. What happens if you work a day job and can only work on your business inrepparttar 117387 evenings -- whenrepparttar 117388 family normally watches TV? If you aren't able to concentrate withrepparttar 117389 noise, you will have to discuss alternate arrangements with your family.

__Managingrepparttar 117390 Children.

Young children in particular will require some thought. Are they allowed to answerrepparttar 117391 phones, and if so, do you teach them how to do so? How do you handle children who are home while you're working on your business?

There is no easy answer to this... every child has his own personality! One option is to hire a trusted babysitter to care forrepparttar 117392 children while you work. Your children will be safe and you will be free to concentrate.

Another alternative is to give your children several "tasks" - throughoutrepparttar 117393 day, they are expected to do various things, such as read a book, draw a picture, etc. Be sure to schedule breaks and 'playtime'!

If you haverepparttar 117394 flexibility to do so, you could also work duringrepparttar 117395 kids' naptime, when they're at regular outside activities (team sports, music lessons, etc) or while they're at school.

__How Will Business 'Emergencies' Be Handled?

Every so often business emergencies will arise. Whether it's a sudden big order that needs immediate processing, or you discover an error that must be fixed right away, you will be absorbed in your business with little time for anything else.

Will family members be expected to take over certain tasks that are normally yours? Will they help you with your business during these times, ie. stapling, sorting, packaging, running chores, etc? Again, come to an understanding about what is expected from each member ofrepparttar 117396 family during emergencies.

__Schedule 'Family Time'.

Someone once told me, 'My home business gives merepparttar 117397 flexibility to work any 20 hours per day I like!'

It's all too easy to get caught up in your business. Your family still needs and wants to see you, though, and if you spend all your time rushing off to do yet another business task, they may end up resenting you.

If you have a hard time getting away fromrepparttar 117398 "office", try scheduling certain times ofrepparttar 117399 day or a day each week where you spend time with your family. During this time, business doesn't exist -- your family has your full attention.

Many people start home businesses for family reasons... so don't get intorepparttar 117400 situation where you are forced to choose between your business and your family! The much-welcomed support of your family can be a tremendous help.


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