Beware Goose Laying Golden Eggs

Written by Stephen Cope

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    If you discovered a Goose that could lay Golden eggs would you tell everyone about it? Ifrepparttar goose had little geese that could dorepparttar 148656 same would you sell them?

    On that vainrepparttar 148657 other day I came across a company offering turnkey websites guaranteed to make over $1000 per month if not 10 times my money back. The ad said they were already up online and making that money.

    My investment was something like $100 per month. A real no brainer my profit $900 per month! ---Easy Money!

    Seriously if you had a website earning $1000 per month would you sell it for $100 per month.

    You can make money onrepparttar 148658 Internet but you will have to work at it. No one is going to give or sell you an Internet money machine- they are going to keep it for themselves!


    Stephen Cope is a freelance trainer and the Webmaster at  make a website , niche websites and Money Making Websites were you can learn more about how to make money with websites.

    Marketing Tips From A 10-Year-Old?

    Written by Cindy Kappler

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    After some review, they decided that simply asking a person if they wanted to buy a book made it too easy to say no. So, they added a stronger call to action atrepparttar end. And, they started going out in groups of two:

    "Hi, I'm Ben and I'mrepparttar 148620 author of 15 Reasons I Love My Dad. (Handrepparttar 148621 book torepparttar 148622 prospect.) It's a fill-in-the- blank book that lets children show their dad how much they love him."

    "And I'm Cassie. We're raising money to take a musical theater class. We're running a neighborhood special today. You can getrepparttar 148623 book for only $10 instead of $14.95. How many would you like to buy?"

    The next time out, they went to eight houses and sold six books. Conversion rate? A whopping 75%!

    No one bought more than one book but instead of being told, "No, I'm not interested" most people responded by saying, "Ohhh, I think one is enough..."

    Granted,repparttar 148624 kids have only sold 15 books and they've got a way to go to reach their goal of selling 159. And, their numbers are too small to conclusively say that each little change was directly responsible forrepparttar 148625 corresponding increase in sales. But, assuming their results are valid, what Internet marketing tips can you learn from a 10-year-old?

    First, set a goal. Know what you want to accomplish.

    Second, create a plan for accomplishing your goal. Adding a deadline always helps.

    Third, start somewhere and then make changes to improve your sales. They can only get better.

    Fourth, give an incentive to take action now - offering a limited time special or a limited number of items for sale creates a sense of urgency.

    Fifth, tell your prospectsrepparttar 148626 reason for your offer.

    Sixth, have a strong call to action so people know exactly what you want them to do.

    And seventh, know your numbers. Make changes designed to improve your conversion rate and then monitor what happens.

    And there you go. Real world Internet marketing lessons from a 10-year-old.

    Cindy Kappler is a successful online marketer. Get her free report, "Case Studies: A Behind the Scenes Look at How the Internet's Top Marketers Create Profit Producing Advertising Campaigns" at

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