Better Than a Million Dollar Lottery WinÖ

Written by Jo Ball

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But I want to give you an example of a guy I know living his life purposefully and totally engaged in his work. He used to be obese. He used to pack in a minimum nine hours sleep each night, he often got ill and he was forever countingrepparttar clock down at work.

Now he has lost 84 pounds, works in timeless awareness Ė where time slips by unnoticed - sleeps on average 5-6 hrs per night and wakes up raring to go inrepparttar 146928 morning. In fact on a summer morning heís worked for an hour, jogged six miles, done an hours yoga and is sitting atrepparttar 146929 breakfast table by 8am. Also heís not seen a doctor in three years and had only one cold or virus!

The weight loss will give him years extra to live andrepparttar 146930 lack of pharmaceutical drugs in his body means his major organs are no longer breaking down and continuingrepparttar 146931 illness cycle. Andrepparttar 146932 extra hours he now has because he is not sleepingÖ well these give him just over two moths extra living each year!

Andrepparttar 146933 good news is he began as an Ďordinaryí person and learned to make extra-ordinary changes when he discovered and began to understand his Life Purpose.

If you donít feel engaged in your work it is probably because you are not working close to your life purpose or because your natural talent and ability is being choked.

If you feel apathy in your work, lethargic or are suffer from weight issues it is well worth taking a look at your life purpose.

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Summer Fashion Fun For The Beach

Written by Sher Matsen

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If youíre planning on heading out later inrepparttar day without returning home you might want to toss a pair of jeans or long skirt into your bag. If your outing is going to extend intorepparttar 146833 evening youíll want to include a sweater forrepparttar 146834 cooler evening air. If youíre worried about your evening wear getting sandy or wet atrepparttar 146835 beach, then place them in a separate bag and leave them inrepparttar 146836 trunk of your car. That way you are guaranteed theyíll remain fresh.

My favorite beach look is this. And whatís perfect is it keeps me looking fashion fresh throughoutrepparttar 146837 day and takes me right intorepparttar 146838 evening. First I like a swimsuit thatís got lots of support and is bright and cheerful. I throw a fitted tank on top and throw on a loose flouncy long skirt. The long skirt serves me throughrepparttar 146839 evening and also works great to cover up if Iím starting to burn. I choose a lightweight material in a darker color with a pattern that accentsrepparttar 146840 colors in my swimsuit. Flip flops are my footwear. Depending on where Iím heading afterrepparttar 146841 beach I choose either a basic pair or one of my funky pair with rhinestones or crystals. Easy to walk in, feet breath, and terrific for an evening out. I keep a fitted light weight sweater in my car, and take a long sleeved cotton blouse down torepparttar 146842 beach. I usually choose a long sleeved and long length blouse because itís versatile. I can knot it to create a short blouse, wear it long as a beach cover, and put it on if I start to burn on my upper body. I usually choose white or a soft pastel depending on my other colors. I like white because itís cool to wear and refreshing to look at. Every year I buy a fun new beach tote thatís big enough forrepparttar 146843 beach but not too big as to take it with me for an evening out. I like a fun bag thatís full of character.

Since I always feel naked without my jewelry I wear fashion jewelry torepparttar 146844 beach. That way should I loose something I wonít be out a lot of money and I wonít feel so bad. I like to keeprepparttar 146845 earrings simple and elegant. I may or may not wear a necklace. Often Iíll toss a funky wood necklace inrepparttar 146846 bag to add torepparttar 146847 evening outfit. I like to wear a couple of fashion rings just to addrepparttar 146848 finishing touches. Now if youíre fussy about tan lines youíll probably want to forgorepparttar 146849 rings. I toss my watch inrepparttar 146850 bottom of my bag so I can put it on later.

Thatís it Ė simple isrepparttar 146851 key. Keep your beach wardrobe choices simple but fashionable. Think ahead so you can go from beach to an evening out without hassle. Remember to always make your fashion statement!

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