Beta Testing

Written by Richard Lowe

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Beta testers are generally just a number of users who, in exchange for a reduced fee or a free copy ofrepparttar software, agree to install repparttar 131938 program (or system) and use them. They are to report any errors, and understand thatrepparttar 131939 program may have bugs, can crash and might corrupt data.

A program or system might go through one, two or even three rounds of beta testing. The developers would be in constant communication withrepparttar 131940 testers so as to producerepparttar 131941 best possible product.

This isrepparttar 131942 way it worked, and this isrepparttar 131943 methodrepparttar 131944 better product managers still employ. I've been a beta tester many times, most seriously a dozen years ago with operating systems such as RSX, RT11, RSTS/E and OpenVMS. One ofrepparttar 131945 major reasons whyrepparttar 131946 Digital Equipment Corporation operating systems were so good (and in many ways are still unsurpassed) - they really knew how to run a solid series of beta tests.

The original concept was very simple, but large companies such as Microsoft have corrupted it until now Beta testing is not really testing. You see, Microsoft has changed Beta testing to really be a "pre-release" or "public preview". What does this mean? It means Microsoft hasrepparttar 131947 option to deliver unfinished or inadequately tested code to tens of thousands of users.

Microsoft does not tend to go through a lot of trouble to get feedback from this vast army of beta testers. Oh yes, they do surveys and send forms, but to do a real beta test you need to be in firm control and be sure your testers are doing something useful.

You see, beta testing is supposed to be part ofrepparttar 131948 development process, notrepparttar 131949 marketing and promotional process. And, truthfully, that's one ofrepparttar 131950 primary reasons why Microsoft (and other large companies) have had such poor quality assurance inrepparttar 131951 past few years.

So, basically, beta testing helps ensure that a product is more reliable and works in environments outside ofrepparttar 131952 lab. And that's all it is supposed to do.

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"The Most Powerful Skills You Could Have as a Webmaster"

Written by Raynay Valles

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You don't have to have ALLrepparttar high-impact skills I listed. Let's say you're good at search engine optimization and every time you do it, huge traffic happens. This one high-impact skill that brings high-impact results will getrepparttar 131936 attention of your employer, prospective employers or prospective clients.

Here'srepparttar 131937 best part: you may already have had these results. Maybe you haven't been highlighting them on your resume or performance review like you could have. Highlight them and you'll notice a difference in your life.

And if you don't YET have these results, you can acquire them on-the-job overrepparttar 131938 next few months. Then you'll have an edge on webmasters who believe that tech skills are enough.

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