Best Work At Home Business Option, Network Marketing or Affiliate Programs?

Written by Montegaza Cristian

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In Affiliate Programs there may be one or two income levels, with a standard earning percentage. An Affiliate Program can be somewhat easier to market, asrepparttar monetary investment is usually smaller, but there is little, if any chance of residual income (long-term extra cash flow based on multiple earning levels). Affiliate Programs, though, take less maintenance than Network Marketing Programs, andrepparttar 117260 results can usually be seen sooner, due to their more simplistic nature. Unlike Network Marketing Programs, many Affiliate Programs can be marketed almost entirely online, with very little customer contact.

In Network Marketing Programs, there are many, many levels of income (hencerepparttar 117261 multi-level idea), leading to more long-term residual income. However, Network Marketing Programs do entail a much larger extent of customer contact, as they requirerepparttar 117262 building of "downlines" to achieverepparttar 117263 residual income, and anyone joining must provide support to their downlines almost continually in order to maintain a certain income level. A Network Marketing Company can usually be somewhat harder to start and maintain, but can grow more easily torepparttar 117264 level in which an individual member so chooses.

The choice of one business model or another as a work at home business is rather personal and should be well suited to an individual's personal needs and personality. All in all, if you are a real "people person" who desires a great income, and has a lot of determination, then a Network Marketing Program will be a good choice. Onrepparttar 117265 other hand, if you are somewhat shy, would rather have a program that turns around more quickly and easily, and if you prefer to "work alone", than an Affiliate Program is probablyrepparttar 117266 better choice.

Just remember, when choosing any work at home business, consider yourself and your needs well, and you will indeed, makerepparttar 117267 perfect choice.

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Increase Your Income with an Organized Marketing Plan

Written by Albin Dittli

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I recommend that you userepparttar next action date. Withrepparttar 117259 next action date you only calculaterepparttar 117260 date once and it is easier to scanrepparttar 117261 file looking for a particular date. For those that you can do every day write ‘daily’ instead ofrepparttar 117262 next action date.

Some search engines get upset if you submit too often. This could also be tracked in your file. Enterrepparttar 117263 search engine name andrepparttar 117264 URL to submit your site from. Display how often you can submit andrepparttar 117265 last or next action date.

You could also track your pay per clicks campaigns inrepparttar 117266 same file. Display program name and URL. You could also show keywords, current bid amounts, and dates. You might want to also record click through rates.

In a similar fashion you could also track where you have exchanged links and your ezine ad campaigns. There is a logical way to display and track all of your various marketing efforts.

The advantage of using one file for everything isrepparttar 117267 simplicity of having everything in one location. You can easily scan it each day to see what you should be doing that day.

Keep your file organized. Put allrepparttar 117268 safe lists in a group. Also group search engines, pay per click, and whatever other methods you are using.

As time passes your file will get longer. However, your daily marketing should continue smoothly because you are organized. This file can contain all of your marketing information, daily tasks, and recurring tasks. The convenience of having everything in one easy to access file can save you a tremendous amount of time. It will also help prevent missing or putting off some of your marketing efforts.

This file can also become a partial history of your marketing. For instance, as you enter your link exchange partners and dates you will be creating a history of your link exchanges.

As time goes on you may want to add other information to your files, such as web sites that you want to check out later. Keep non-marketing things like this grouped together and nearrepparttar 117269 end ofrepparttar 117270 file so that you do not scan them every day when you are doing your marketing.

Please remember to back up your file regularly. This could save you much grief in case of a computer virus or crash.

Most people will not takerepparttar 117271 time to set up and maintain a simple system like this. By doing so you will be ahead ofrepparttar 117272 crowd. You will be taking a giant step toward being a successful Internet marketer.

Albin Dittli has been writing software for the network marketing industry for 12 years and marketing on the Internet for over two years. Please visit his web site at You can subscribe to his free ezine, eBiz Marketing Tips, by sending an email to

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