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Written by Ryan Whiteside

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Decorate for the Holidays

Written by Cyd Klein

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A bowl filled with tree ornaments has be done, but nothing bringsrepparttar flavor ofrepparttar 116093 holidays long ago as does a large glass bowl of bright red apples and tangy smelling oranges. Or how about a metal pail filled with mixed nuts inrepparttar 116094 shell next torepparttar 116095 fireplace. Throw in a couple of nutcrackers andrepparttar 116096 kids will be at them allrepparttar 116097 time instead ofrepparttar 116098 candy.

Speaking of candy, that holiday favorite candy canes are for more that eating or hanging on your tree. Think of using them in floral arrangements, or tie together using a packing string to make a garland. Tie a string of candy canes around big fat candle (make sure no paper is nearrepparttar 116099 wick). Of course you can always attach a candy cane to package bows and invitations too.

Donít forget our little furry friends duringrepparttar 116100 holiday season. ornament-fidos-sock.html has a Free sewing pattern for Fidoís very own Goodie Sock forrepparttar 116101 fireplace.

There are endless ways to make your home festive forrepparttar 116102 holidays. The key word is it is YOUR home. Decorate for you. Seasonal decorating can be a way to help you and your family get intorepparttar 116103 holiday spirit. When there is joy inrepparttar 116104 home, all visitors to that home experience and take a little of that joy with them when they leave.

Cyd Klein has 21 years experience sewing for others. Her vocation is designing and manufacturing Costumes which are then marketed locally and on-line at Ms Klein also maintains a sewing help site at

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