Best Places To Submit Your Articles For Viral Traffic Generation

Written by Terence Tan

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Terence Tan isrepparttar creator of, a web site dedicated towardsrepparttar 134262 development of Multi Level Affiliate Programs as an alternative system of business.

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5 Tips To Create A Kick-Butt Mini-Course That Pulls In Thousands of Rabid Subscribers... in a Flash!

Written by Jim Edwards

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You'd be surprised at allrepparttar pieces ofrepparttar 134261 puzzle that are out there independently which you could combine into a great mini-course without nearlyrepparttar 134262 mountain of effort you might expect.

Tip #3 - Give yourself lots of chances to make money

One way to build more value into your mini-course and make sure people hang onto your messages instead of deleting them is to put lots of quality links into your mini-course.

This allows people to get additional information on specific aspects ofrepparttar 134263 mini-course.

Some of those links can be to free resources, others to resources where you earn an affiliate commission, and still others to your own products and services.

The more links you have that actually contribute to your students learningrepparttar 134264 subject of your mini-course and fulfillingrepparttar 134265 promise you made to get them to sign up,repparttar 134266 better your chances of them clicking those links.

If you create lessons people save for future reference because they have great links in them, you'll make more money!

For an example look no further than your "in-box"! Almost everybody has email messages they've saved from other people because they contain links to sites you want to use now or access inrepparttar 134267 future.

Tip #4 - Build anticipation forrepparttar 134268 next message

If you're going to takerepparttar 134269 time to put togetherrepparttar 134270 mini- course, wouldn't it be great ofrepparttar 134271 majority of people who subscribed actually read your messages!?

If you want to launch a successful mini-course, you've got to rise ABOVErepparttar 134272 noise of allrepparttar 134273 other email messages people receive every single day.

One way to do this is to always end each lesson with a small "ad" or excitement builder forrepparttar 134274 next message. You do this by really playing up a big benefit they'll receive as a result of readingrepparttar 134275 next message you promise to send them.

Here's an example:

"The next and final installment in this mini-course will give you five tips for how to get 10,000 visitors to your website without spending a dime on pay-per-click traffic! So stay tuned forrepparttar 134276 next lesson in 2 days..."

It's a simple, yet very powerful way to build anticipation forrepparttar 134277 next message into EVERY message you send.

This simple step helps make them look forward torepparttar 134278 next message so it gets read... not trashed!

Tip #5 - Tell them what they don't know!

If you're usingrepparttar 134279 mini-course to promote a product that covers a much "bigger picture" ofrepparttar 134280 topic as a whole, constantly remind people thatrepparttar 134281 mini-course is just a "tiny piece" ofrepparttar 134282 whole product.

Remind them of what else they need to know and tell them if they buyrepparttar 134283 product then they'll get this benefit, and that benefit, and even more specific information.

Remember, you didn't publish this mini-course to practice your typing skills! You are in this to make money, to get subscribers, and to make sales!

Once you deliver quality content that gives people a real taste of what's in store when they actually purchase, then it's time to closerepparttar 134284 sale... you deserve it!

Jim Edwards is a syndicated newspaper columnist and the co-author of an amazing new ebook that will teach you how to use fr^e articles to quickly drive thousands of targeted visitors to your website or affiliate links...

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