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Some papillon and phalene breeders claim they need to keep papillon or phalene puppies longer to determine if they are show quality-this often means they are hoping for a fault to disappear or are hoping that an expected fault does not crop up. However, there is evidence thatrepparttar structure of a papillon or phalene puppy at 8 weeks old isrepparttar 125832 same structurerepparttar 125833 papillon or phalene dog will have as an adult, AND there is no way to be sure of coat and show worthiness until papillons and phalenes are 2 years old--so keeping Papillon or Phalene puppies 4 to 6 months serves no purpose for either a pet or show. Some papillon and phalene dog breeders say thatrepparttar 125834 new owners have no ability to care for so young a puppy. Yet, they will say that they love to play with new papillon or phalene puppies and seerepparttar 125835 personality emerge. We at Pixiedust feel thatrepparttar 125836 new owner CAN care for a papillon or phalene puppyrepparttar 125837 same as any breeder andrepparttar 125838 new owner DESERVES to enjoy and help shaperepparttar 125839 puppy personality to fitrepparttar 125840 owner and his life schedules. Some papillon and phalene breeders have gone torepparttar 125841 extreme of saying there is no bonding process--that Papillon or Phalene Puppies will love all people equally. There is just too much evidence from research and owners alike that completely disprove this false statement. While older Papillons or Phalenes may become "generalized" and like any owner who treats it kindly, this is NOTrepparttar 125842 same as that special bond developed between young puppies and a devoted owner. Older Papillons and Phalenes can and do become special pets, but again, this is not exactlyrepparttar 125843 same asrepparttar 125844 bonding for young puppies. There are cases where Papillon or Phalene puppies may be too tiny to place at an early age, For good breeders of Papillons and Phalenes, this should berepparttar 125845 exception, notrepparttar 125846 rule. Any good breeder of Papillons and Phalenes should be breeding healthy, sturdy Papillon and Phalene puppies, no matter that they are a toy breed. At Pixiedust, we breed Papillons and Phalenes that can compete in agility and obedience, and still be small lap dogs. And we want all of our papillon and phalene puppies and their owners, to develop that special connection that makes for a life-long companionship between dog and owner. Written by Include links when using this article.

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Finding a Breeder

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Unlessrepparttar breeder is also a public groomer or boarding kennel, they may not carryrepparttar 125831 type of insurance that would protect them from minor lawsuits. This can be a problem when people insist on bringing a small child or their current dog to seerepparttar 125832 puppies. Children have been known to to wander aroundrepparttar 125833 breeders home, peering into kitchen cabinets, pulling flowers and bulbs fromrepparttar 125834 garden, and even attempting to enter bedrooms, basements and garages! Careless parents have handed small puppies to a child, only to haverepparttar 125835 child droprepparttar 125836 puppy and break it's leg! Some adults are worse (because they should know better). They do not seem to understand that they are in a breeders HOME, and do not respectrepparttar 125837 breeder's privacy. Some breeder's do not allow others to see or handle puppies that have a deposit on them, as these puppies are nowrepparttar 125838 property of others. This disturbs some buyers, but remember,repparttar 125839 breeder will protectrepparttar 125840 puppy YOU buy from strangers. There are some people who do not know when to leave. The breeder may have to go to work, cook supper, answerrepparttar 125841 phone or any number of life's activities. Then there isrepparttar 125842 breeder's nightmare-thieves! I am a member of a large, all-breed, show-sponsoring club. At our last show, flyers had to be posted warning owners to watch their dogs because of a recent rash of dog thefts. Papillons and Phalenes are popular, hard to get and easy to carry off! Breeders have had puppies stolen from their home when they went to answerrepparttar 125843 phone whilerepparttar 125844 "prospective" buyers were looking atrepparttar 125845 puppies. Others have lost puppies after showingrepparttar 125846 puppies, only to haverepparttar 125847 "buyer" return whenrepparttar 125848 owner was not home, to break in a steal allrepparttar 125849 puppies. Even more disturbing, some have had their home robbed of personal property several days after showingrepparttar 125850 puppies and allowing a "kennel inspection", even though they had NO kennel, just a spare room forrepparttar 125851 puppy nursery. All because they had a Papillon or Phalene puppy for sale. There are some very dedicated breeders who live alone. In society today, they have to exercise even more caution to insure their safety and peace of mind. They may not desire to have a stranger visit, but they may still be producing wonderful Phalene or Papillon puppies. To not consider one of these simply because you cannot go to their home may deprive you ofrepparttar 125852 very Papillon or Phalene puppy you are searching for! Some want to bring cameras and take pictures ofrepparttar 125853 puppies andrepparttar 125854 home. This is truly an invasion of privacy! Besidesrepparttar 125855 obvious objection to this,repparttar 125856 pictures may not be well taken. Many breeders go to great pains to have quality pictures taken of their dogs. If you want pictures, ask for some fromrepparttar 125857 breeder, they will be happy to give you good ones. If you buy a Phalene or Papillon puppy, do not take photos atrepparttar 125858 breeders home without permission. After all,repparttar 125859 puppy will not change inrepparttar 125860 time it takes for you to get to your own home. References. This is another area that needs to be re-considered. Allrepparttar 125861 things that apply torepparttar 125862 breeder also apply to those who own a puppy. They did not get a Phalene or Papillon puppy so that strangers can call or even attempt to visit to see a dog that they bought as a family pet. Add to this, that this is probablyrepparttar 125863 most inaccurate way to determine a breeder's quality. Anyone can give yourepparttar 125864 phone number of a friend. Even Vets do not make good references, as many have no idea ofrepparttar 125865 standard forrepparttar 125866 breed, although they should be knowledgeable on health matters. A much better way to compare breeders who have Phalene or Papillon puppies for sale is to look atrepparttar 125867 guarantee that they offer. Do not expect every guarantee to berepparttar 125868 same. Breeding practices have changed because of buyer education. Now buying practices need to adjust to better serverepparttar 125869 buying public and protectrepparttar 125870 breeder and puppies So what should you expect to do to get a great Phalene or Papillon puppy? First, knowrepparttar 125871 breed. Do not expectrepparttar 125872 breeder to supply you with a library of information simply because you have a casual interest or are investigating several breeds.. Go torepparttar 125873 library and read up onrepparttar 125874 breed if you know nothing about it. If you have never seenrepparttar 125875 breed, go to a dog show, It is notrepparttar 125876 breeder's job to put on a private show of all their dogs just because they may have Papillon or Phalene puppies for sale. You are not entitled to see all their Papillons and Phalenes--onlyrepparttar 125877 parents! Then you will be prepared to askrepparttar 125878 breeder specific questions relating to their dogs and your desires. Visit for more information about Papillons and Phalenes dogs and puppies. Include all links when reproducing this free article from

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