Best Affiliate Products, Where to Find Them and Select the Best choices

Written by Fred Farah

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See where I am going with this? and just how powerful affiliate programs can be...IF you know how to use them inrepparttar right manner.

Ok, so let's recap what we need to look for when deciding to participate in Affiliate Programs.

1. YOU WANT programs with products/services that are IN DEMAND.

2. YOU WANT programs that pay you MONTHLY COMMISSIONS if you can haverepparttar 135561 right affiliate product. Or, atrepparttar 135562 very least, you want to shop around and findrepparttar 135563 products withrepparttar 135564 best commission rate out there.

3. YOU WANT an arsenal of programs that link or tie into one another to give you MULTIPLE INCOME STREAMS.

That is what to look for in an Affiliate Program. Now, let's cover how to find an affiliate program for your niche.

The more obvious way to do this is to go directly torepparttar 135565 web site ofrepparttar 135566 merchant who you want to work with, and see if they offer an affiliate program. If they don't ... don't worry, we have a few other places to check out. We'll find an affiliate program for you.

There are three main sites that you can use, and it just so happened we covered them yesterday in "Tools ofrepparttar 135567 Niche Trade." To save you having to go back over your notes, here they are again:

1. Commission Junction

CJ is THE affiliate program directory for both physical and downloadable products. They have hundreds of merchants listed within their directory. They have also joined forces with BeFree, another affiliate directory. You can sign up forrepparttar 135568 CJ site, and then onrepparttar 135569 CJ home page you will see BFAST.

Sign up for both and then, once you are in your account, you can link them both so you getrepparttar 135570 BEST of both sites. ALL affiliates are listed, as well as their commission structures. They also provide you with banners, ads and links that you can weave into your site.

2. Clix Galore Clix Galore

clixGalore has about 3500 affiliate merchants listed within their directory. From Mickey Mouse watches to Health and Nutritional Products, and everything in between.

It also is a no cost directory to join, and like CJ, they too provide you with marketing materials to incorporate into your web site.

3. ClickBank ClickBank

ClickBank is yet another affiliate directory. It isrepparttar 135571 most popular affilate directory for downloadable products. Actually they only handle downloadable affiliate products.

Here you can make anywhere from 10% - 75% commissions on products or services you sell. Acceptable affiliate commissions today range from 25% to 55%.

The neat thing about ClickBank is that their products are listed by popularity. So, it makes your job a little easier. You can go right forrepparttar 135572 related product/service that is makingrepparttar 135573 good sales.

Of course these directories will help you findrepparttar 135574 right merchant program to weave into your site in order to make money, your homework! Findrepparttar 135575 one that is going to pay you top commissions.

Userepparttar 135576 information you just read and apply it to ALL your niche sites and you can't go wrong!

This article is an excerpt from my 7-Day Niche Madness eCourse. It costs you nothing to sign up for it at Best Affiliate Products.

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Written by David Moore

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has completed post graduate programs in both Cross Cultural Communications and Higher Education Administration. He believes strongly thatrepparttar application of all self-generated wealth must include a provision for giving back torepparttar 135087 commmunity,repparttar 135088 church, and other worthy causes. If you would like more information on his online business, please visit his website at:

About the Author: David Moore teaches a University (part-time) and has served on the administrtative staff of a faith-based humanitarian aid organization. He has completed post graduate programs in both Cross Cultural Communications and Higher Education Administration. If you would like more information on his online business, please visit his website at:

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