Berenguer Sauniere - "This Place is Terrible":

Written by Robert Bruce Baird

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CHAPTER ONE: Why didrepparttar Hapsburg’s attend his funeral?

Cathar Corporate Clan?: COLUMBUS OF CATALAN: Catholic Payoff?: AN ENORMOUS HOARD OF CASH: Franz Joseph andrepparttar 143591 Rothschilds: THE DOVE AND ‘LIVING LOVE’ OF JESUS: Dominus Iesoos:

CHAPTER TWO: Rennes andrepparttar 143592 Pentagram: THE PENTAGRAM: The Sun: MEGALITHIIC POWER PLANTS: Druidic University: TARTESSUS: The Founding of Massalia: LYONESS: The Basque: PADRE PIO WAS NOT THE FIRST:

CHAPTER THREE: Time will tell?

Father Ernetti: SAINT YVES: Pierre Plantard de St. Clair: DE-POPULATION PLANNING: Cecil Rhodes andrepparttar 143593 Illuminati:

CHAPTER FOUR: “Est terrible”:

Napoleon Blanched: HOFFET BIBLIOMANCED: Nostradamus ‘Saw’: LAFITTE ‘ROTHSCHILD’: Goethe and Carlyle are Illuminized: MONTSEGUR AND THE NAZIS:

CHAPTER FIVE: The Holy Alliance:


CHAPTER SIX: Did he haverepparttar 143594 goods on Synarchy?:

The Drug Trade: DE-POPULATION LIKE THE PLAGUE: Slavery and Jean Lafitte: NAPOLEON AND TUSCANY: Adam Weishaupt:

CHAPTER SEVEN: Genetic Manipulation:

Abraham and The Leather Scroll: SARGON AND HAMMURABI: Ml-Chi-Zadok: MARY – MOTHER OF JESUS: Star-Fire Ceremony and a World of Slaves: CHARLEMAGNE: Charles Martel and Hitler: LORD MOUNTBATTEN:

CHAPTER EIGHT: The Priory of Sion:

Bishop of Carcassonne: THE PROTOCOLS OF SION: The Red Cross and Sion: DE BRIX:


The Ashkenazi and Khazars: THE ESOTERIC MANDATE: Khazars: THE DIASPORA: Chanukah: THE HALAKAH:

CHAPTER TEN: It Was Not These Things:

Jesusrepparttar 143595 Pharisee: CHANGING JESUS: The Emerald Tablet of Hermes: THE GRAIL CHALICE:

Author of Diverse Druids Guest 'expert' at Columnist for The ES Press Magazine

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Written by William Lezubski

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