Benefits of Human Genome Project

Written by Wong Hon Long

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Understandingrepparttar human genome will have an enormous impact onrepparttar 127589 ability to assess risks posed to individuals by exposure to toxic agents. Scientists know that genetic differences make some people more susceptible and others more resistant to such agents. Human Genome Project technologies also can help to assess health damage and risks caused by radiation exposure, including low-dose exposures. Furthermore, damage and risks caused by exposure to mutagenic chemicals and cancer-causing toxins also can be assessed. Consequently,repparttar 127590 likelihood of heritable mutations can be reduced.

Other benefits gained fromrepparttar 127591 human genome project towards improvement of human life include:

identify potential suspects whose DNA may match evidence left at crime scenes establish paternity and other family relationships detect bacteria and other organisms that may pollute air, water, soil, and food match organ donors with recipients in transplant programs determine pedigree for seed or livestock breeds understanding disease vulnerabilities and revealing drug targets environmental monitoring to detect pollutants protection from biological and chemical warfare

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DNA Profiling: Its Uses in Court

Written by Tom LeBaron

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  • The DNA needs to be isolated and cut so that it can be matched against other samples. Special enzymes recognize patterns inrepparttar DNA and cutrepparttar 127588 strand
  • In a process called electrophoresis,repparttar 127589 strands are then placed on a gel where they are separated an electric current passed through it.
  • The resulting fragments are compared against samples of all suspects and a match is determined.
  • DNA profiling is mostly used in sexual offences (60%), homicide (20%), assaults (7%), robbery (7%), criminal damage (1%), and other cases (5%).

    DNA profiling narrowsrepparttar 127590 list of suspects that authorities need to work through. The FBI commented that DNA profiling allows them to dismiss one-third of rape suspects becauserepparttar 127591 DNA samples do not match. Authorities recognizerepparttar 127592 possibility of specimens being planted at crime scenes, and therefore continue to investigaterepparttar 127593 crime based on motive, weapon, testimony, and other clues in order to more accurately solverepparttar 127594 case.

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