Benefits of Creating Corporate E-books

Written by Colin Ong TS

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Step 3: [Chooserepparttar links] Creating a corporate e-book is to enable you to transmit your ideals and expertise to your customers. The buzzword here is loyalty. Thus it is crucial that links like “feedback to us” and “join our mailing-list” be included inrepparttar 108500 e-book.

Step 4: [Recruit them] You should also invite people who download your e-book to consider working for your organization. This idea is not as simplistic as it seems. You can include a requirement thatrepparttar 108501 person has to provide details about his qualifications before given permission to downloadrepparttar 108502 e-book. You can easily program unsuitable candidates to receive your corporate e-book and not get an online job application form.

Step 5: [Greater staff participation] Asrepparttar 108503 idea of a corporate e-book gets passed around, you have to encourage your staff to contribute ideas and articles to create inter-departmental e-books. This is useful if future job seekers want to find out more about working in a specific department.

Step 6: [E-Commerce anyone?] Many participants for our talks about e-books do not realize that there is a market forrepparttar 108504 sale of corporate e-books. If your organization has a talented workforce, it will not be a surprise if their corporate e-books can be sold andrepparttar 108505 remuneration can be a reward for their effort. Many foreign MNCs have also established a separate department for marketing and distributing of corporate e-books. To find out more, you can check out

Step 7: [Get it in print] The e-book has finally gone full circle! The idea of puttingrepparttar 108506 corporate e-books to print is to improverepparttar 108507 sense of loyalty and belonging to your corporation. You can also include a sypnosis ofrepparttar 108508 corporate e-books in your company’s annual report.

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CHILLED RUN - review and interview with Joan Bramsch

Written by Hope Clark

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HC: You have many other educational ideas inrepparttar works. Can you explain some of them to us?

Joan: Regarding those other educational ideas? Do you have a couple days, Hope? ;) I'm so grateful forrepparttar 108499 Internet and its growing technology. This technological revolution enables me to communicate with Parents worldwide. It seems a miracle when I note EP goes to subscribers on every continent, to places I have only read about, to Parents who trust me and have become my friends. Becauserepparttar 108500 web tools improve daily, I have new ways to reach out to families. I can read Positive stories torepparttar 108501 children, sing Positive songs, provide pep talks forrepparttar 108502 Parents -- all by clicking on a little "PLAY" button. Amazing!

There will be a section onrepparttar 108503 Parenting Network to share positive essays, too. I also want to contact schools through their parent organizations.

HC: I just finished reading CHILLED RUN. It was quite a unique story - futuristic, sci-fi, a little romance, with an educational message on world peace and diversity. Tell us how this tale came to be and how will this book be available?

CHILLED RUN was a Gift of Hope. The entire story came to me in a dream. Starting that very morning, I wrote nonstop for 3 ˝ weeks. (One does not askrepparttar 108504 Muse to wait! :) The entire experience seemed meant to be; an important work to benefit Children.

Evenrepparttar 108505 title is a conscious play onrepparttar 108506 word: CHILLED RUN isrepparttar 108507 name ofrepparttar 108508 prison in a frozen desolate wasteland. Afterrepparttar 108509 manuscript was complete I knewrepparttar 108510 story should have music. A book published electronically - an Ebook - may contain music, graphics, even streaming video. But I had no love song. That night as I fell asleep I "requested" my melody. When I awokerepparttar 108511 following morning, I promise you, I was hummingrepparttar 108512 Mystic Lovesong. Lyrics were an unexpected plus.

Because I feel so strongly about CHILLED RUN fifty percent of my earnings on sales will go torepparttar 108513 Crisis Nursery, a wondrous organization where out-of-control parents can bring their children until they can safely care for them again. Only God knows how many young lives have been saved with their help. CHILLED RUN can be purchased in several formats for US $7.95 at my web site:

HC: You have aspirations to be a radio talk show host, a thought that would frighten many of us. Tell us your plans.

Joan: Yes, I'll have a radio talk show, but it will be a show with a twist - I'll broadcast onrepparttar 108514 Internet! It's true, Hope, I'll have my own radio station. A few years ago this was beyond belief. Amazing 21st Century technology. Inrepparttar 108515 meantime, forrepparttar 108516 next six months at least, I'll be doing traditional radio talk shows acrossrepparttar 108517 nation, entertaining listeners with true stories about raising a large family from my ebook - YOU KIDS JUST WAIT TILL I GET OVER BEING PREGNANT... AM I GOING TO STRAIGHTEN YOU OUT!

HC: Back to writing, what are your immediate writing goals? And long term goals?

Joan: My immediate writing plan is to continue expanding my web site, The International Parenting Network, to better serve Parents. In addition I have a contemporary romance and a mainstream novel inrepparttar 108518 final editing stage.

Long term? For Families, I have six file drawers filled with completed work, partials and new ideas, stories and research. For adult readers there are four completed manuscripts and at least two dozen partials waiting for me. I figure ten years of steady work might put a dent inrepparttar 108519 inventory.

HC: Give us a typical writing day inrepparttar 108520 life of Joan Bramsch.

Joan: I awaken at 6 a.m., have an energy drink, then enjoy my 5-mile run. After showering and a cool down I meditate and do tai chi for one hour. Munching on fresh fruit and a whole grain muffin I begin outlining my day's writing which will last for at least four hours, but never more than twelve.

POP!!! Oops, there's that recurring dream again. Sorry. ;)

In actuality, family comes first and it is my honor to provide full-time care for my Bill, who has been dealing with serious health challenges for many years. Therefore, I write when I'm able - an hour, sometimes two hours at a time. Much of my serious writing is done late at night whenrepparttar 108521 house is quiet and all my other jobs are complete for another day.

HC: And finally, give some advice torepparttar 108522 struggling writers out there trying to earn a living at their passion.

A writer has to know where to findrepparttar 108523 work. Your newsletter informs writers about opportunities inrepparttar 108524 field. There are other newsletters that provide publishing needs. Then I can list three suggestions.

#1 - Be fearless. Send out your work. A thick skin is an absolute necessity if you would be a working writer because every word you submit is judged subjectively by another person.

#2 - Expect to be paid for your best work. Unless you gain something in a win-win barter, don't give your work away just to see your name in print. Neither sell it for two cents a click. Do you know how many clicks it takes to equal $25 and your first check? A lot!

#3 - If writing truly is your passion, you can repeat after me: I will never, never, never, ever give up!

Thanks, Hope, for this opportunity to visit with you and your readers. Please invite them to come visit me at

I love company! :)

Clark is a book reviewer and columnist.

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