Benefits of Bee Pollen Supplementation

Written by Josie Anderson

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Itís shown that Bee Pollen counteractsrepparttar effects that radiation and chemical pollutants. Bee pollen contains anti-oxidants that destroy free radicals that are caused byrepparttar 149060 exposure to radiation and other pollutants. Studies show that it can reducerepparttar 149061 side effects of radiation treatment.

Many people who are allergic to pollen are able to tolerate oral bee pollen. However there have been reports of a small percentage of people who initially ingest a large amount of bee pollen may develop allergies, sometimes severe, and minor gastrointestinal irritation and laxative effect to oral bee pollen. People severely allergic to pollen should no use oral bee pollen. Also like any other medication/supplements take with caution and under doctorís supervision.

Bee Pollen has many benefits and is said to help aid in weight loss and workout performance. The preferred way to use bee pollen is in capsule form and can be found from many nutritional supplement sites aroundrepparttar 149062 web.

Josie Anderson is a personal trainer and is the owner of providing weight loss resources to help with many weight loss goals and overall general health.

Weight Loss and Disease Ė Itís not the food thatís killing us!

Written by Greg Ryan - High Profile Fitness Expert

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ďDo not let them see you sweat or show any signs of weakness.Ē

Ever find yourself saying one of these? ďIf I cannot do it on my own, then I will not do it at all.Ē ďJustrepparttar very fact of having to take better care of me, irritates me.Ē ďIíll put off my check up until next fall.Ē

Ever have any of these thoughts?

Denialís brother, Pride, may not berepparttar 149059 sneakiest, but he isrepparttar 149060 strongest personality ofrepparttar 149061 boys. Having too much pride costs millions of lives every year in any arena you can imagine, especially in health andrepparttar 149062 aging process. While pride may berepparttar 149063 strongest emotion out ofrepparttar 149064 three, he always seems to lose. His ego getsrepparttar 149065 best of him and aging finally wins out inrepparttar 149066 end.


ďIíll start tomorrow on my exercise program.Ē

Exercise and eating right takes discipline, and planning. For some, thatís too much to ask. If thatís you, you may be missing out on a really wonderful healthy quality filled life. But, does that really matter to you?

Why is Americarepparttar 149067 fattest nation inrepparttar 149068 world? Laziness! Itís just that simple. If you think a pill, surgery, or wishful thinking is going to replace hard work you have been HAD byrepparttar 149069 media. It takes hard consistent work. Having Lazy as a friend may cost you your life someday. Why are most countries healthier and thinner than us? They are more active and more resourceful. Denial, pride and lazy can berepparttar 149070 end for some, but it does not have to be that way for you, if you start now. Sometimes we can think too much and talk ourselves out of things, instead of just doing it right.

Yes, food is a big part ofrepparttar 149071 epidemic we face today with diabetes, obesity and heart disease. However,repparttar 149072 real things that are killing us are inside of you already. Donít let Pride, Denial and Lazy eat you alive. Quit making dumb excuses not to feel better. Let people like me help you. I donít even know you and I have to believe you want it in your heart to feel better, lose some weight and have more confidence.

Remember, you are not promised tomorrow!

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