Ben Franklin's Secrets For Success

Written by John Colanzi

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I'm such a techno-dummy I could work on hundreds.

2. Putrepparttar 13 skills you've listed in order of importance. Label them from 1 to 13.

3. Decide to spend one week working on each skill. Spend time every day for a week working on improving that one area of your business.

For example of you chose writing better ads as an area needing improvement, spend daily study time working on your ad writing ability.

4. After you've spent a week working onrepparttar 117940 number problem on your list move to number 2.

5. After 13 weeks go back and work on number one again. Follow through on each skill for another 13 weeks.

6. Byrepparttar 117941 end of one year you've spent four weeks improving 13 of your biggest obstacles to business success.

Atrepparttar 117942 end of a year re-evaluate your business and determine which skills still need to be worked on and which ones you've mastered.

I know this seems like a lot of work. It's taking time away from making your first million.

Well I have to let you in on a little secret. Making a go of your online business isn't easy and if you're not willing to work at it, you'll spend your time asking:

Is anyone really making money online?

Well there are small businesses making money online, but they've done their homework and honed their skills.

If you're truly serious about making money onrepparttar 117943 internet, this plan is as good a place to start as any.

Don't rely on luck. You'll findrepparttar 117944 harder you work,repparttar 117945 luckier you'll get.

Wishing You Success

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So, Why Should You Start An Online Business?

Written by Joe Bingham

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Online businesses take far less initial capital. My business has two fixed costs: Internet access and web hosting. That's it, a whopping $47 a month! Let's see you start your own auto body shop or beauty parlor on that!

There are many online programs you can immediately tie in to and 'piggyback' on their success as well. Even if you want to completely own your own site or system, you can begin by learning from other successful companies as an affiliate, and then continue making money with them indefinitely.

The Internet also provides for a global market, continuing education, and freedom in terms of what time you have to put into it. Naturally,repparttar more you put into it,repparttar 117939 more you'll gain, but it does allow for flexibility and time to grow.

No business is guaranteed to succeed whether online or offline. Success is completely up to you. However,repparttar 117940 Internet provides easier means of starting out, low investment, flexible hours, a free education, and potential for extra to wealth building income.

If you have considered working online, but don't know how to proceed, start by learning. There are opportunities out there that do offer free training and are excellent ways to start. Find one that fits your personality and goals and go for it. The more you learn,repparttar 117941 more you'll know what you need to do, andrepparttar 117942 better your chances of succeeding.

Right now, your odds of retiring inrepparttar 117943 financially stable category are 4%.

What are you going to do about that?

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