Believing in Jesus is NOT a Religion, and God is NOT a Christian

Written by Ina Bliss

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Watchitna - Ignorance isrepparttar ONLY ‘sin’ in our days, for people are still stuck in medieval information. There was not much we could do, whenrepparttar 126968 scripts existed in Hebrew, Greek and Latin and their meaning had to be interpreted byrepparttar 126969 spiritually blind, who prostitutedrepparttar 126970 free gifts that our Creator handed to them and made their Religion filthy rich (Catholicism). The dogma began withrepparttar 126971 Pharisees, who rehearsedrepparttar 126972 scripts daily and invented man-made laws, instead of believing in Jesus, and our heavenly father.

They built churches from man-made stone, which they care for and adore more thanrepparttar 126973 belief in Jesus and our Creator, called idolatry. Jesus’ church is not a building. It consists of those who follow His lead, walk inrepparttar 126974 light as in ‘get His message’, and when they meet, He is there with them.

Now would berepparttar 126975 time to read up for yourself, and establish an individual relationship with our Maker. Remember, there ‘are no atheists in a turbulent airplane’.

We all know that there were 10 commandments. However, their validity stopped, when our Creator sentrepparttar 126976 Holy Ghost at Pentecost to signalize – “Hello, there is something different about you. You are primarily made of spirit, and your beautiful idolized body is only secondary. Don’t take it so seriously, for repparttar 126977 reason you have your body (temple) is for your SPIRIT to live in it.”

Are you one ofrepparttar 126978 people that stopped reading before high school? Well, here isrepparttar 126979 news. If you don’t like your job and would rather look into your own successful business venture, repparttar 126980 good book even has wisdom and principles for you that can make you eternally successful, while you enjoy your life. Sounds good? Become a free thinker ofrepparttar 126981 type that walks in Jesus’ light. He’ll keep you well. Just ask our Creator to ‘baptize you withrepparttar 126982 Holy Spirit’. You’ll like it, for it makes 1,000 times more ecstasy and bliss possible than will allrepparttar 126983 sex, drugs and alcohol in this world.

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Islam as a Religion of Tolerance and Moderation

Written by David F. Duncan

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Interpretations ofrepparttar Quran that urge violence against innocents, he argues, require poorly informed, out of context readings of a line here/ a line there in my view, not unlikerepparttar 126967 practice of many Christian Fundamentalists. To show that, he citesrepparttar 126968 ambiguous verses by which Muslim extremists justify their acts, and their deceitful disregard of everything Quranic that prohibits their acts. He insists that any valid Quranic interpretation must square withrepparttar 126969 holy book's "general moral imperatives such as mercy, justice, kindness." "Ifrepparttar 126970 reader is intolerant, hateful, or oppressive," he concludes, "so will berepparttar 126971 interpretation."

Far from sanctioning "holy war," Abou El Fadl reports,repparttar 126972 Quran does not even containrepparttar 126973 phrase. The entire concept of jihad as holy war was a later development rooted more in political and economic conflict than in religious difference. Moreover, far from supportingrepparttar 126974 "get even" (for Israel, for economic imperialism, etc) justification for terrorism,repparttar 126975 Quran warns Muslims thatrepparttar 126976 injustice of others does not permit them to be unjust in return. Furthermore, warriors who attacked innocent civilians were regarded by classic Muslim jurists to be "corrupters ofrepparttar 126977 earth and criminals" -- guilty of "especially heinous crimes."

The eleven reactions to Abou El Fadl's essay add further depth torepparttar 126978 debate. Milton Viorst, Middle East correspondent for The New Yorker, praises it as a "brilliant" explanation of why Muslims are "onrepparttar 126979 brink of becoming a permanent global underclass." Sohail Hashmi, who teaches international relations at Mount Holyoke College, agrees that politically motivated Quranic interpreters, notrepparttar 126980 Quran itself, feedrepparttar 126981 us-against-them mentality of violent Muslims. British culture critic Tariq Ali laments that "there was more dissent and skepticism in Islam duringrepparttar 126982 11th and 12th centuries than there is today." Onrepparttar 126983 other hand, Abid Ullah Jan, a political analyst from Pakistan, blames all debates about Islam on "efforts byrepparttar 126984 United States and its allies to achieve economic and cultural hegemony by dominating or destroying all opposition." He denouncesrepparttar 126985 essay as "an attempt to please Islam-bashers."

Abou El Fadl's response torepparttar 126986 commentaries asserts thatrepparttar 126987 extremists false fundamentalism threatens to turn Islam into "an idiosyncracy -- a moral and social oddity that is incapable of finding common ground withrepparttar 126988 rest of human society." His motivation for engaging in debate against extremists, he says, is "to deny such groups their Islamic banner." In his view,repparttar 126989 ultimate issue for all Muslims ought to berepparttar 126990 extremists degradation of "the moral integrity ofrepparttar 126991 Islamic tradition."

Khaled Abou El Fadl, Tariq Ali, Milton Viorst and John Esposito. The Place of Tolerance in Islam. Boston, Beacon Press, 2002.

Dr. David F. Duncan is the President of Duncan & Associates, a research and policy studies consulting firm in the areas of public health, mental health, and drug abuse. His Commonplace Book is a collection of excerpts, book reviews, and commentary on classic movies and favorite authors.

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