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Written by Robert Bruce Baird

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God asrepparttar collective unconsciousness knows that as long asrepparttar 141169 hero keeps enteringrepparttar 141170 labyrinth clutching Ariadne's thread only to return throughrepparttar 141171 same way he left that it isrepparttar 141172 thread it's self that prevents him findingrepparttar 141173 other side ofrepparttar 141174 maze. His own tradition of trusting inrepparttar 141175 fate repetitiously woven by Athena/Arachne in aspect asrepparttar 141176 weaver goddess, prevents him from droppingrepparttar 141177 old thread and findingrepparttar 141178 new one. When I enterrepparttar 141179 subconscious realms I want to met Elvis and Frank Zappa, Freddie Mercury and my Aunt Shirley. I found it really annoying to be directed byrepparttar 141180 custodians ofrepparttar 141181 inner paths to answer questions about such old Archetypes such as Janus and Isis. My imagination was figuratively being constrained byrepparttar 141182 cemented traditions of which I have no interest, they are so antiquated they only represent tombs for thought not repositories forrepparttar 141183 living material of conscious building.

So any aspirant who seeks enlightenment who is able to open his mind up, raise his conscious level is trapped like a fly in a spider's web, into a stereotypical interaction withrepparttar 141184 subconscious resultant ofrepparttar 141185 archetypal conditioning ofrepparttar 141186 collective subconscious. What appears to have happened is that participants inrepparttar 141187 initiate mystery schools started to believe thatrepparttar 141188 ritual Archetypes who were deliberately woven intorepparttar 141189 mists ofrepparttar 141190 collective unconscious as signposts were actually real. This sentiment permeates many modern initiate schools who speak ofrepparttar 141191 reality ofrepparttar 141192 Otherworld as being just as real as this one. Sorepparttar 141193 belief structure built up around this Otherworld has cut it off fromrepparttar 141194 technique's original purpose which was simply an easy way, a step by step plan of gaining access torepparttar 141195 human collective consciousness. These belief structures have cemented God, as collective conscious, into a prison. So, why if this is so obvious, why hasn't it been picked up before? This isrepparttar 141196 other function of mystery schools, to prevent people from seeingrepparttar 141197 truth, findingrepparttar 141198 keys, having access to a broader view of God asrepparttar 141199 collective unconscious.

By structuringrepparttar 141200 collective subconscious it has been fixed to a spot, anchored if you like. Imaginerepparttar 141201 evolutionary process of mans consciousness as a precessional zodiac wheel. With time errors appear,repparttar 141202 archetypal map no longer representsrepparttar 141203 topography butrepparttar 141204 errors are only slight and by extendingrepparttar 141205 original structure by over laying new myths overrepparttar 141206 old framerepparttar 141207 map appears accurate. The two dimensional imagery ofrepparttar 141208 subconscious becomes three dimensional. Every timerepparttar 141209 current of man's development has allowed him to glimpse a new concept,repparttar 141210 essence has been symbolized and quickly incorporated as new building material inrepparttar 141211 old structure.

Sorepparttar 141212 original spot in man's consciousness whererepparttar 141213 precessional development of man's full nature has been so built upon, become so dense, that a fortress, a whirling castle of Arianrhod has been built. Instead of mankind drifting alongrepparttar 141214 path of evolution we have been fixed in space, chained to a huge structure architecturally designed and contributed to by every fully initiated master. So if this structure is what's keeping man from continuing onrepparttar 141215 road to enlightenment why was it designed by people who were seeking that very thing. Becauserepparttar 141216 Architect knew that one day these structures would finally be seen forrepparttar 141217 prison they are and God as collective unconscious would teach himselfrepparttar 141218 means by which he could escaperepparttar 141219 prison walls. In hindsight we can say that man's conscious is genetically coded not to continue development until such time as man is consciously aware ofrepparttar 141220 process and has made a conscious decision to evolve. (7)

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More Ark of the Covenant

Written by Robert Bruce Baird

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A priest could moverepparttar wings with sticks of wood as insulation, {Thales invented (?) a small steam engine.} or perhaps some fancier arrangement of movingrepparttar 141090 cherub's wings was contrived. Maybe there was a simple lever system insulated appropriately with wood, leather and bitumen--pullrepparttar 141091 cherub's tail (or head) andrepparttar 141092 wings would approach each other to make an arc, for example. Simple 'wooden' linkages.

Making such an electric arc in a dark place like a tent or a central Temple crypt without windows (i.e.,repparttar 141093 'Holy of Holies') would have been hard onrepparttar 141094 priest's eyes {and impressive torepparttar 141095 great unwashed}. Ifrepparttar 141096 'stones' inrepparttar 141097 Urim and Thummim were sheets of mica, common inrepparttar 141098 Middle East, then The Bible's 'silver bows' in which they were mounted would have resulted in granny-style welder's glasses. These would have savedrepparttar 141099 High Priest's eyesight when communicating withrepparttar 141100 'Lord'.

This sort of 'arc-spark' transmitter would have sent bursts of what we call static out intorepparttar 141101 atmosphere. {And for uninitiated artists or journalistic historians they might describe it as forces such as waft and whirl inrepparttar 141102 Spielberg movie.}

What aboutrepparttar 141103 'receiver'? Let's considerrepparttar 141104 other cherub atrepparttar 141105 other end ofrepparttar 141106 arc. It would need to be completely separated fromrepparttar 141107 structure ofrepparttar 141108 Ark by a layer of bitumen. Its wings were supposedly golden, too, and if they were balanced and supported well, an 'electroscope' results. When this cherub was engulfed in a burst of electromagnetic radiation, its wings would repel each other and flap apart. This would naturally happen wheneverrepparttar 141109 cherub atrepparttar 141110 other end ofrepparttar 141111 Ark was manipulated to produce a spark-arc. Ifrepparttar 141112 receiving cherub's wings were delicately counterbalanced, they would close again asrepparttar 141113 charge onrepparttar 141114 open wings dissipated.

There would be a charming and satisfying symmetry torepparttar 141115 antics of these cherubim wings--a spark made by movingrepparttar 141116 transmitting cherub's wings closer together would causerepparttar 141117 receiving cherub's wings to open.

{Do you think anyone sought to identify one as male andrepparttar 141118 other female and justify why men are entitled to 'spark' females who must 'open' to them'?}

Butrepparttar 141119 receiving cherub's wings would sometimes open whenrepparttar 141120 spark-cherub was not being operated. This electroscope would also respond to natural bursts of electromagnetic energy--lightning. A nearby storm would cause very definite wing movements indeed {If you can refer torepparttar 141121 entry under divining-rod you will see they may have been able to track such natural energy asrepparttar 141122 Nazca lines which are over tectonic rifts deep inrepparttar 141123 earth.}, while a lightning strike hundreds of miles away might cause barely a twitch ofrepparttar 141124 wings.

But if a one time there were a number of Arks, all maderepparttar 141125 same way,repparttar 141126 receiving cherub would also respond to electromagnetic energy purpose full caused by a High Priest operating some distant Ark. Ifrepparttar 141127 transmitting Ark was many miles distant,repparttar 141128 repelling movement ofrepparttar 141129 receiving cherub's wings might be very small--too minute to be detected, {There could be specified times to transmit and re-transmit back to a central area where a person was involved inrepparttar 141130 king's chamber that accentuated their psychic sensitivity.} with certainty, by a priestly observer. But this problem could be easily solved. With a small light source, like a candle or an oil lamp {Orrepparttar 141131 pendulums covered inrepparttar 141132 Divining-rod entry withrepparttar 141133 psychic.}, 'religiously' positioned at specific places nearrepparttar 141134 receiving cherub, even tiny wing movements could be greatly amplified by jewels onrepparttar 141135 wings. The jewels would reflectrepparttar 141136 light onto some surface--a wall of a Temple sanctum orrepparttar 141137 dark cloth of a bedouin canopy--so that, in a dark chamber,repparttar 141138 reception could be clearly perceived.

The technology described above was well withinrepparttar 141139 resources and capabilities ofrepparttar 141140 Ancient Egyptian and Israelite artisans. The idea for it isrepparttar 141141 problem {He wrote this beforerepparttar 141142 Mungo Man discovery.}.

More than one modern radio engineer has noted thatrepparttar 141143 Ark ofrepparttar 141144 Covenant was a primitive sort of 'spark transmitter' that could send, and receive, strong electromagnetic impulses--in fact,repparttar 141145 Ark seems quite similar torepparttar 141146 transmitter with which Heinrich Rudolf Hertz (1857-94) was able to demonstraterepparttar 141147 existence of 'Hertzian' (radio) waves in 1888. With his slightly more evolved spark transmitter, Guglielmo Marchese Marconi (1874-1937) first sent long-distance electromagnetic waves in 1895 {He did not inventrepparttar 141148 radio and 25 years after Tesla diedrepparttar 141149 U. S. Patent Office awardedrepparttar 141150 patent to Tesla, or at least acknowledged he discovered it. For those who knowrepparttar 141151 origin of Tesla's knowledge and 'vision' you will understand my suggestions about sensitive people orrepparttar 141152 akashic are mild in comparison.}, and then sent them acrossrepparttar 141153 Atlantic in 1901.

The Ark ofrepparttar 141154 Covenant could have been used, and at one time must have been used, to send and receive messages over long distances. Ifrepparttar 141155 spark-arc could be generated in a sequence by manipulatingrepparttar 141156 wings effectively {It should also be clearrepparttar 141157 codes and symbols used to send info would be important alphabet or language ingredients.}, thenrepparttar 141158 bursts of static would radiate intorepparttar 141159 atmosphere inrepparttar 141160 same purposeful sequence. Inrepparttar 141161 Marconi 'wireless' system, Morse code was mostly used. Inrepparttar 141162 Morse system, for example, three short bursts 'dot-dot-dot', {Perhaps I should add this to my support for Ogham as an original language because Ogham adapts to this as well as sign language quite well.) representrepparttar 141163 letter 'S', three longer arcs 'dash-dash-dash' representrepparttar 141164 letter 'O'. Therefore S-O-S could be sparked intorepparttar 141165 air. This isrepparttar 141166 international code for 'Help!'

But every letter and every number can be represented by some combination of dots and dashes {The Mayan numerical system is a combination of these.}. That's Morse code. If you have enough electricity to generate a lot of sparks, and if you have a lot of patience, {If they had chemicals inrepparttar 141167 cavity ofrepparttar 141168 Ark such as phosphorus would this add torepparttar 141169 spooky effects as well asrepparttar 141170 usefulness?} messages of any desired length and complexity can be sent. And much patience would have been required because, with a transmitter-receiver as primitive asrepparttar 141171 Ark, purposeful messages would frequently have been confused or completely drowned out by static from distant electrical storms. {Clearlyrepparttar 141172 technology would be less useful if others were onrepparttar 141173 air atrepparttar 141174 same time, andrepparttar 141175 need for secrecy would be immense.} Our own early 'wireless' hadrepparttar 141176 same problem, frustration, and inefficiency."

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