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Written by Phil Bate

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For this site with mostly free health advice, I believe this approach is right, but for more involved salesmanship, spice it up as needed while still keepingrepparttar load time as low as possible. For an example of a lot of necessary graphics, look at: The emphasis here is on graphics, as people want to get a look atrepparttar 132014 yachts that are being sold. This sells, where text wouldn't dorepparttar 132015 job.

Next, if you aren't gifted with sales ability in writing (and graphics to go along), you have to learn a lot more in this field. Or, you have to have somebody around that does. Decisions, decisions - do you use paid ads, paid banners, ffa's, ezines, MLM's,or what? More and more study is needed, or more and more money is needed to hire this knowledge (and hope that whoever you hire knows what they are doing.)

With thousands of ads telling you that "they" have allrepparttar 132016 secrets ofrepparttar 132017 internet, and positioning, and making 10,000 a month, it's more than a little confusing, and some expertise is needed in this area as well. >From personal experience, I can state that this knowledge comes with making some mistakes and learning from them.

So what's a competent webmaster? He/she is a really multitalented person, or preferably, a team. A technical HTML expert, an expert on search engines, a graphics expert, a sales/marketing manager, a technical writer, an ad writer, a computer technician experienced in software andrepparttar 132018 list goes on and on.

There are a lot of would-be webmasters out there, charging a lot of money, and designing lots of very flashy webs. But, are these webs actually doingrepparttar 132019 job, and making money forrepparttar 132020 owner? Do they load reasonably fast? Surfing will show you hundreds of sites that are pretty lousy in some ways, andrepparttar 132021 odds are that they cost somebody a lot of money, and they are getting very little return.

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Written by Pamela Heywood

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Don't let anyone tell you thatrepparttar search engines will penalise you for over submitting or for linking to pages not designed for human beings (yes, they can tellrepparttar 132013 difference). I'm not exactly sure howrepparttar 132014 technology works to get you a negative listing.

5. Advertise, don't advertise

Advertise your standard off-the-peg, tried-and-tested advert that came withrepparttar 132015 "program", complete with your long URL with your little number onrepparttar 132016 end, everywhere, anywhere.

Don't worry about it being ignored because it'srepparttar 132017 same as everyone else's that appears right next to it day in, day out. Don't worry about cheaters knocking your little numbers off and doing you out of your 75 cent commission and most of all don't offer your goods in exactlyrepparttar 132018 right market.

Where is that, I wonder? You'll never need to know.

When you do find a good, well-written, original, benefit packed and correctly formatted ad, only ever use it once. That will be enough forrepparttar 132019 whole world to see it and make you rich.

6. Send spam

Lots of it! This is great, and does double-duty instead of informative newsletters or pesky advertising. Buy specially cleaned lists of "safe" names and addresses of people who are just eager to receive "information on great money-making opportunities". It's a little vague, but these people obviously know what their avid, carefully harvested readers want and a good deal when they see it.

You really won't upset your ISP every time you send out those 2 million emails and have 3 million of them bounce back at you clogging up their mail server. So long as you say this is not spam, it isn't, right? They'll forgive you and even give you a fair trial, won't they?

And reputations are dead easy to get, aren't they?

7. Forget people, this is technobabble time

Now pay attention here, this isrepparttar 132020 most important lesson. This isrepparttar 132021 Internet folks. Let's see how it works ...

There's all these computers connected to all these computers all aroundrepparttar 132022 world and all you have to do is send all of these computers lots of identical messages back and forth - this is called Internet Marketing - and lots of money will magically arrive into your bank account.

There are no humans involved. You don't have to talk to them, inform them, woo them, care about finding solutions to their problems, know who they are and what they want ... The rules of human nature, as well as those of business, are totally different in cyber-paradise than they are inrepparttar 132023 real world. The Internet is notrepparttar 132024 real world.

Congratulations! You've now completedrepparttar 132025 entire course and graduated fromrepparttar 132026 Internet's First School of Failure. Read back betweenrepparttar 132027 lines and I'm sure you'll findrepparttar 132028 path to success.

(This story was entirely fictional, all resemblance to real people, either living or dead, any offers, services, products or vague "programs" is entirely coincidental.)

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