Being a Swede can be a GOOD thing!

Written by Torbjörn Reidarsson

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you lick onrepparttar backside and put on envelopes.) Sincerepparttar 127808 swedish word is 'stämplar' I do not have to compete withrepparttar 127809 word 'stamps' and my work is so much easier! Sometimes it is a good thing to be a swede... ;) Torbjorn Reidarsson Webmaster for Stämplar, not stamps.

Torbjorn Reidarsson is the founder and owner of ITRAB, a webconsultant business based in Linkoping, Sweden. He is the webmaster for sites like Stämplar hos Stämpelfabriken, Website Templates and ITRAB

Google - The Ultimate Web Writers Style Guide

Written by Nick Usborne

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Write these headings and short descriptions with your readers in mind and, once again, Google will reward you.

3. Make your text links relevant and descriptive

A text link that says, “More...” or “Click here” or “Learn More...” tellsrepparttar reader nothing aboutrepparttar 127807 destination page.

Visitors scan your text links inrepparttar 127808 same way as they scan headings, subheads and short text. So provide them with clues. If you have an interior page about a weight-loss hypnosis service, write a link that says something like, “More on weight-loss hypnosis”.

Do this and you’ll be helping your readers a great deal. And yes, Google will reward you for your efforts.

>> Concluding thoughts...

By all means use a traditional style guide. They are great for getting your grammar right and choosingrepparttar 127809 right words. That said, many of them conflict in their recommendations as torepparttar 127810 correct online terms. To some, a web site is a web site, to others it’s a website.

But back to Google as a style guide for a moment. This whole exercise, this make-believe about Google being a digital, interactive style guide is all aboutrepparttar 127811 importance of writing for your readers.

Yes, what I have been talking about it usingrepparttar 127812 correct keywords and phrases inrepparttar 127813 appropriate places.

However, too many people write their pages with Google asrepparttar 127814 primary audience. I think that’srepparttar 127815 wrong approach. You get a clunky text flow that, intuitively, feels wrong torepparttar 127816 reader.

Instead, write with a clear understanding of what your readers need. Do this and you’ll find thatrepparttar 127817 best keywords fall intorepparttar 127818 right places with an appropriate frequency.

And Google will reward you.

Nick Usborne is a copywriter, author and speaker. You can access all his newsletter articles on writing for the web at his site. You'll find articles and resources on how to make money as a freelance writer at

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