Being Human, Being Spiritual

Written by John Cali

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You have chosen to experiencerepparttar excitement,repparttar 122261 joy,repparttar 122262 challenges of being physical for a while. It’s all supposed to be fun!

Your soul knew that when you incarnated–this time, and all ofrepparttar 122263 many other times you incarnated into a human body.

This human life of yours is a glorious adventure in remembering and exercising your divinity. In remembering and exercisingrepparttar 122264 great creative powers you all possess, asrepparttar 122265 glorious goddesses and gods you are, albeit in human form for now.

Which brings us to our point here for today.

You did not choose to be human so you could just lay around doing nothing for 50 or 100 years. You chose to be human so you could immerse yourselves inrepparttar 122266 challenges and contrasts of human life. And so you could have fun and find joy inrepparttar 122267 process.

Life on earth is a magnificent opportunity for you, as your souls see it, to flex your creative muscles, as it were.

And in doing so, you are adding your energies, your unique creative powers torepparttar 122268 expanding Universe. The Universe–and you–are always expanding and growing. Every thought you think, every action you take has a ripple effect. And you thereby touch all that is, even untorepparttar 122269 farthest reaches ofrepparttar 122270 Universe.

You are far from powerless. You are powerful far beyond your wildest imaginings and dreams.

And so every experience, every challenge you face in your human lives is a great opportunity for you to grow and remember who you truly are. Even those experiences your human mind considers tragic are opportunities for you grow and remember.

You are human and spiritual atrepparttar 122271 same time. Being fully human, in every moment of your earthly lives, enables you to be fully spiritual in every moment of your eternal lives.

The two–the human you andrepparttar 122272 spiritual you–are eternally one. To be fully human does not make you less spiritual. To be fully spiritual does not make you less human.

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Since 1992, John Cali has been communicating with a spirit called Joseph. In one of his many physical lifetimes, this spirit was incarnated as the legendary Chief Joseph of the Nez Perce tribe in what is now Oregon.

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The Making of a Shaman

Written by Boyd Martin

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Frank relates, "I did end up with what I would call a personal teacher--Joska Soos is his name, from Hungary. So he'srepparttar one that I have worked most with and whose presence I feelrepparttar 122260 most when I do my work. I've also studied with other lineages and other teachers overrepparttar 122261 years. But Joska himself came from a shamanic lineage. In Hungary there are apparently 108 clans, and one clan isrepparttar 122262 shamanic clan. They are calledrepparttar 122263 Bacsa. So he was born intorepparttar 122264 clan, and was taught from when he was a kid of five or six byrepparttar 122265 local blacksmith, who was a shaman, which is a typical shamanic profession, you know--dealing with metal and fire and all that. Apparently he was a great shaman--his name was Tomas Bacsi. Joska was born as a shaman withrepparttar 122266 cowl [a birth cowl: layer of skin overrepparttar 122267 face traditionally a mystical sign of extraordinary psychic powers. The skin must be surgically removed]. It was meeting Joska that hadrepparttar 122268 biggest impact on me of remembering. There was this immediate shock that I seem to know this. It seems to invoke something in me that is so profound. I couldn't not see Joska for a while. I had to go there every week. I just jumped onrepparttar 122269 train and every week I was there--very faithful. But I had no idea that I myself would do that work one day. That was then still so foreign from my own way of manifesting myself inrepparttar 122270 world."

Frank says it took him eight to nine years to comfortably makerepparttar 122271 transition from "daily rational awareness" to shamanic awareness. "There was no longer a battle inside my own mind about that," Frank says. "It was just like two aspects ofrepparttar 122272 world as I knew it, and of parts of myself--the way I knew myself to be."

I asked now, as a full-time shaman, if he was in shamanic consciousness allrepparttar 122273 time. "Oh, no, it would be too draining. It is very intense work. In fact, I consider normal daily consciousness as a break fromrepparttar 122274 shaman work." Frank stressedrepparttar 122275 need for balance betweenrepparttar 122276 types of consciousness, with that balance making both more meaningful and multi-dimensional.

Visit Frank onrepparttar 122277 web at, where he lists his upcoming events and workshops.


Boyd is the webmaster of and the newsletter writer for that site. He enjoys a wide range of experience both in the ways of the internet, alternative health, environmental issues, and in freelance writing. An active, professional drummer, Boyd performs in the Portland area with several area blues and R&B bands. Boyd is also an avid, daily practicing Bikram Yoga student.

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