Being A Boston Sports Fan

Written by Jason OConnor

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Butrepparttar tide turned. Third string quarterback Tom Brady tookrepparttar 140910 place of an injured Bledsoe, and broughtrepparttar 140911 championship home to Bostonians. The 2002 NFL playoffs were absolutely awesome to watch if you were a Boston sports fan. Watching Vinatieri blast it thoughrepparttar 140912 uprights in a blizzard to beatrepparttar 140913 Oakland Raiders, and again to winrepparttar 140914 Super Bowl beatingrepparttar 140915 St. Louis Rams was monumental. Thank God forrepparttar 140916 Pats. They brought respect back to Boston. They showed what true grit is, whatrepparttar 140917 word “team” actually means, in a day when everything in sports seems to be centered on individual feats. I loved it when they ran out onrepparttar 140918 field together as a team instead of being introduced one at a time atrepparttar 140919 beginning ofrepparttar 140920 Super Bowl.

Pathetically enough, most people thoughtrepparttar 140921 Pats would not win it all again. They thought it was a fluke. The Pats had lost for so long that few had faith in them. But they won it again two years later and people started to pay attention. The word “dynasty” crept up in New England vernacular. Whenrepparttar 140922 Pats won their third Super Bowl in four years, they were finally accepted as a dynasty. These wins will carry me for many years. Again, thank God forrepparttar 140923 Pats.

But no good article about being a Boston sports fan can be complete without discussingrepparttar 140924 Boston Red Sox. What can be said aboutrepparttar 140925 Sox? They wererepparttar 140926 epitome of frustration. They wererepparttar 140927 Bad News Bears for so long. Of allrepparttar 140928 Boston teams, they wererepparttar 140929 most painful to watch. They often hadrepparttar 140930 talent, they often played well, but they didn’t win a World Series for 86 years! Betweenrepparttar 140931 ball rolling betweenrepparttar 140932 knees of Bill Buckner, and Grady keeping Pedro in againstrepparttar 140933 Yankees duringrepparttar 140934 2003 playoffs, every Sox fan was pushed torepparttar 140935 limit of what they could endure. Of course there were many other less notable, but just as frustrating moments in Red Sox history. Any Red Sox fan who remained a fan throughout should be given a gift.

And what a sweet gift it was whenrepparttar 140936 Sox wonrepparttar 140937 2004 World Series. Being down 3-0 inrepparttar 140938 ALCS againstrepparttar 140939 Yankees, and then coming back to beat them and sweeprepparttar 140940 Cardinals inrepparttar 140941 World Series was one ofrepparttar 140942 greatest professional sports stories in history. In fact, it’s been called one ofrepparttar 140943 greatest comebacks ever. All those long years of no championships in Boston finally came to end withrepparttar 140944 Pats winning in 2002. But after 86 years of no World Series rings,repparttar 140945 Red Sox win wasrepparttar 140946 sweetest of all. 2004 was one ofrepparttar 140947 greatest years in Boston sports ever. A World Series and Super Bowl win by Boston teams inrepparttar 140948 same year, almost unbelievable.

So I guess being a Boston sports fan is not so much like battered-wife syndrome. It’s more like being in a difficult marriage that has lots of ups and downs only, but is worth working at to keep. Being a Boston sports fan is as frustrating as it is rewarding. Patience, loyalty, persistence, and faith will get you through. And inrepparttar 140949 end, it all works out. Just keeprepparttar 140950 faith.

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Myrtle Beach Tee Times – A Quick Glance

Written by Evans Putman

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Replays - Most Grand Strand golf courses offer discounted replay rates. Availability depends uponrepparttar season. Make sure to specify that you would like a replay and replay rate before you tee off inrepparttar 140909 morning. Duringrepparttar 140910 slow seasons, many golf courses will let you play again at no cost. Whenever you inquire about replay rates, make sure to also inquire about cart fees.

Singles - Are you a single in need of tee times? Always callrepparttar 140911 golf course a day early. You might luck out and get paired up with a grouprepparttar 140912 following day. Otherwise, you'll be told to show up inrepparttar 140913 morning and wait for a group that needs one golfer.

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