Behind the Files: History of MP3

Written by Gabriel Nijmeh

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Allrepparttar downloading and swapping of MP3s has attractedrepparttar 124167 wrath ofrepparttar 124168 RIAA because there are no digital security features associated with MP3, so millions of songs are freely shared everyday by millions of users. The files are small enough to be downloaded easily, or even sent to a friend as an email attachment.

Another thing that makes MP3s very exciting and compelling is that it is easy for people to become DJs by mixing their favorite songs. A lot of people have created their own compilation CDs where they take all of their favorite songs from different artists and bands and burn them to CD very quickly and easily.

Webcasting or Internet radio has also become very popular allowing listeners to "stream" audio on their computers. Unlike downloaded MP3s, streamed MP3 files aren't stored on your hard drive, but are broadcast like traditional radio through your MP3 player. Real Networks was one ofrepparttar 124169 first to offer streamed audio software, which uses a proprietary format known as RealAudio. Microsoft allows offers their own proprietary streaming audio through their Windows Media Application. If you do a search for "Internet radio" or "webcasting", you will find hundreds of Internet radio stations offering every imaginable type of programming.

Of course, as exciting as MP3s are, there are some legal and business battles that are being waged. MP3 itself is not an illegal audio format, but when people offer up MP3 versions of copyrighted material that is considered a copyright infringement. The Home Recording Act allows you to make copies of your music CDs for personal use but by law, you are not allowed to distribute or share these files with friends or family if they do not own a copy ofrepparttar 124170 CD.

The debate rages on as to whether or not MP3 and P2P file sharing programs are good forrepparttar 124171 music industry. MP3 proponents believe that MP3s help promote music and musicians by gettingrepparttar 124172 music heard far and wide. Onrepparttar 124173 other hand, MP3 critics argue that free music will killrepparttar 124174 music industry andrepparttar 124175 artists who depend on it. Essentially, it is a battle for control of music distribution. Artists can now bypass record labels and distribute their music very easily and effectively.

A balanced and compromised solution should benefit artists and music labels. There is no doubt that artists and musicians should be compensated for their efforts, yet a lot of new and upcoming bands distribute free MP3s as way to get their music heard. Asrepparttar 124176 buzz and excitement builds aroundrepparttar 124177 band, people are more inclined to supportrepparttar 124178 bands by buying their CDs, attend concerts and purchase other band merchandise. Ultimately, bands and music labels probably don't want to biterepparttar 124179 hand that feeds them.

So, where does that leave us? Well, as we have seen many times overrepparttar 124180 years, hot technology trends come and go. However, MP3s have really capturedrepparttar 124181 ears of music aficionados worldwide. With millions upon millions of MP3 audio files out there, and hundreds and maybe even thousands of MP3 related software that has been developed by software developers worldwide, there is no doubt that MP3s are here to stay.

Gabriel Nijmeh is the software editor at -, where we feature software reviews and downloads of MP3 software including CD rippers, MP3 CD burners, MP3 converters and more. Stay up-to-date on the latest and hottest MP3 software downloads and enjoy our MP3 tutorials, FAQs, music articles and shareware developer profiles.

Unrelated Inventiions: Catering for the uncommon denominator

Written by Gabriel Nijmeh

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Q: What do you find to berepparttar most effective marketing and promotion vehicles of your software?

A: I don't really focus on marketing or promotion - perhaps I'd be a millionaire if I had ;-) My main focus is to keeprepparttar 124166 software going out and make sure that it's available from a wide range of websites. I occasionally get approached by magazines who wish to covermountrepparttar 124167 software and I usually accept those. Most of my sales come from word of mouth.

Q: What distinguishes your product from others onrepparttar 124168 market?

A: Inrepparttar 124169 beginning it was a combination of being a direct-to-disc recorder and having auto-track. A few programs now contain an approximation of auto-track now, but I'm told that mine is probablyrepparttar 124170 most effective. Now, I guess thatrepparttar 124171 sheer weight of features is a big selling point as well asrepparttar 124172 degree of customer support I offer. There are lots of little uniquities (if that is a word) inrepparttar 124173 software, but it's really up torepparttar 124174 user whether those are what they're after.

Q: What kind of market research did you perform prior to developing your product(s)?

A: I didn't. I don't really go withrepparttar 124175 idea of looking for a market and developing a product for it - it's too calculating and it means that you'll have less interest in what you're doing than in how much money is coming in. Good shareware works because users are dealing with a fellow enthusiast.

Q: What tools do you use to manage your software development business?

A: My development is done with Visual C++ 6.0 under Windows 2000 with Visual Sourcesafe for revision control. I have VMWare for cross platform testing and use a combination of Microsoft Word and Doc-to-Help 2000 for my help development. The rest ofrepparttar 124176 operation is handled by a fusion of MS Outlook, MS Access and a huge amount of home grown VBA code and C++ plugins. It's a real timesaver having your website, backups and even your release procedure totally automated and it also removesrepparttar 124177 likelihood of mistakes caused by shippingrepparttar 124178 wrong file (it used to happen occasionally). I used to use Installshield Express for distribution, butrepparttar 124179 old version broke on systems which had used installs fromrepparttar 124180 new version andrepparttar 124181 new version couldn't be automated as easily, so I now use my own installer. Finally, for distribution, I have Aid Submission Genius, PadGen, AddSoft and Submass (all paid for, of course) and for keeping an eye on my website I use 123 Log analyser. There are other tools I use for various purposes, but nothing which is development specific.

Q: Where do you see your business/software heading inrepparttar 124182 future?

A: I'm branching out into writing now - my other shareware projects haven't met withrepparttar 124183 same degree of success as Audiotools and I don't really want to keep all my eggs in one basket. There may be some more shareware coming inrepparttar 124184 next couple of years (I have a couple of products in development) but I imagine that Audiotools and my books will be my main focus. I even plan to write a book about Audiotools at some point, to give shareware developers "the inside story" as it were. Ultimately, I followrepparttar 124185 path of least resistance, so my direction inrepparttar 124186 future will very much depend on my successes inrepparttar 124187 present. That concludes a very insightful conversation with Andrew Fish from Unrelated Inventions - Please takerepparttar 124188 time to visit his web site and check out his software and some of his writings.

Gabriel Nijmeh is the software editor at -, where we feature software reviews and downloads of MP3 software including CD rippers, MP3 CD burners, MP3 converters and more. Stay up-to-date on the latest and hottest MP3 software downloads and enjoy our MP3 tutorials, FAQs, music articles and shareware developer profiles.

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