"Beginners Luck" a guide to Web Page/Site Design

Written by Rudy A. McCormick

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3. Submit often, this isrepparttar most boring part of a webmaster's life. Having your 150 dollar software submit your sites for you is not as effective as doing it yourself to each engine or database. For some reason some ofrepparttar 134628 data is skewed or something, I am not sure why. At least once a month, and some even suggest once a week, your site must be submitted to each engine.

This isrepparttar 134629 basic ritual that will get your site noticed, without spending a dime. If you really want to get some hits, try renting a billboard and plaster a picture of a sports figure on it and your web site url. I have been told this works really well, although costing much U.S. currency.

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Bad Web Design: Mistakes With Text

Written by Richard Lowe

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Thank god most people understand that blinking characters are not cool (and not supported by Internet Explorer, which is a good thing).

Something which I see all ofrepparttar time is sites which use non-standard fonts. I know thatrepparttar 134627 special font which you paid a hundred dollars for is awesome, but believe me I'm not going to pay a hundred dollars just to see your web site display correctly.

You can get away with this, if you include a button to downloadrepparttar 134628 font and complete instructions for installing it. Be sure to include an alternate, more common font in your font list though, for those people who do not want to downloadrepparttar 134629 correct one.

You can use downloadable fonts, but be aware that browser support and standards are spotty at best. Even if you do include downloadable fonts, be sure and specify alternates in your tags just in caserepparttar 134630 browser did not dorepparttar 134631 download.

To sum it up, what I do is simple. I write my document, then sit back fromrepparttar 134632 screen about 4 feet. If I can still readrepparttar 134633 text without trouble, then I ask my wife to dorepparttar 134634 same thing. If we can both read it, thenrepparttar 134635 document is fine. Otherwise, something has to change.

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