Beginners Guide to Buying a Set of Golf Clubs

Written by Jason Griffin

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Now that you have decided on purchasing new clubs,repparttar next option is buying a complete set or putting one together. Putting a set together yourself will berepparttar 151049 more expensive option over buying a complete set. Also, getting a complete set takes much ofrepparttar 151050 hassle and intimidation out ofrepparttar 151051 decision making process.

As a beginner, you should buy a complete starter set. This will usually include a Driver, 3 wood, 5 wood, 3 thru 9 irons, a pitching wedge and a putter. Some may even include a sand wedge and a golf bag. This is only 11 or 12 clubs you say! What else should I get? Don't worry about this now. As you improve then you can think about adding another wedge, a 2 iron or a hybrid of some sort. Until then you are just wasting your money. You would be better off spending your coin on some lessons and improving your swing. Remember, expensive clubs won't help you play any better. Why spend $300.00 on a Driver when you can spend less than that and get everything you need to play except golf balls in one package. A complete set is a great way to save some money inrepparttar 151052 beginning, since you're going to be spending enough cash replacing a lot of those lost golf balls.

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7 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Pool Cue Stick

Written by Ashley Barnard

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4. The size ofrepparttar tip is also important. Tips vary in diameter between 12 mm and 14 mm. Make sure thatrepparttar 151000 tip is round, and not flat. A larger tip is thought to be better for English.

5. Next checkrepparttar 151001 weight ofrepparttar 151002 stick. Depending onrepparttar 151003 manufacturer, cue sticks weigh between 18 and 21 ounces. Find a weight that is comfortable for you, and feels well-balanced.

6. If you can afford it, purchase a separate stick for breaking. This will protect your tip, and help to keep your stick in top form longer. The tip for your breaking cue should be larger than your playing one.

7. When purchasing your stick, don't forget to buy a case for it. Properly cared for, some sticks can last a lifetime.

Whether you choose a production or custom cue, takerepparttar 151004 time to look around before buying. Check out different manufacturers. Play with a couple of different ones, to get a feel for them. Find out ifrepparttar 151005 dealer offers a money-back guarantee if you're not satisfied with it. The main thing when purchasing a Pool cue stick is to find one that feels right and that you're comfortable using. You never know, it just might help your game! You can see a wide veriaty of pool cues at for more information

Ashley Barnard is a keen Pool Player and has been playing pool in Pub and clubs around the country and has now ready to share with us some of his tips about choosing the right cue. You can see a wide variety of pool cues at for more information

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