Beetle Ju - Will Politicians Ban It?

Written by David D. Deprice

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Testimonials and Reviews

"Beetle Ju presents a challenge that fans ofrepparttar arcade classic Dig Dug will enjoy immensely." Download.Com "...All in all this game is strictly a family game. Fun forrepparttar 136852 whole family! Kids will love to see monsters scurrying towards poor Ju and him trying to squash them with rocks... Thumbs up, Beetle Ju." BDGamer.Com

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Gift Basket Ideas for Men

Written by Lisa DeClue

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Coffee Hound: Fill a wire basket with shred, add packets of gourmet coffee/cocoa and our "Life is Good" latte cup. Maybe add a mug warmer and wrap in a coordinating napkin.

Time for our Date: We have some beautiful clocks with dark stain. Wrap one, like our Hideaway Box Clock, in a delicate silk or chiffon scarf with a note inside saying, "Meet me at __________ (place)." Setrepparttar time onrepparttar 136784 clock torepparttar 136785 time of your rendezvous!

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