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URL Submission to Search Engines

Written by Azani

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Here isrepparttar link to submit your web site's URL to : I personally think, Google isrepparttar 139133 best search engine. Every day I use to search any information fromrepparttar 139134 Internet. You could findrepparttar 139135 information from website, newsgroup, images and directory in one search. Although other search engine haverepparttar 139136 same feature, but Google's website is so simple. Another advantage is Google also feed about 80 other search engines. 60% of my previous website's visitors came from Google. Here isrepparttar 139137 link to submit your web site's URL to Google : -, The second search engine I like most is Yahoo. Actually, Yahoo is a directory based search engine. Altavista and AllTheweb's search index also powered by Yahoo. So, if your web site is indexed in Yahoo, your web site will also got indexed in Altavista, AllTheWeb and other search engines feed by Yahoo. Here isrepparttar 139138 link to submit your web site's URL to Yahoo (require registration) :*-

Submission to over 100,000, 500,000 search engines and directories. My advice is to not using them. It might be useless, unless you want your email box to get spammed. If your site is indexed by big search engines, most probably those smaller search engine will get your URL as well.

Inrepparttar 139139 beginning of this article, I had mentioned aboutrepparttar 139140 music homepage I built. The homepage now is indexed in every search engine available although I never submit it to any search engine. The key is to be linked by other sites. I may write an article about this later.

Azani is the web developer of and

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