Been Hiding Your e-Light Under a Bushel Basket?

Written by Bill Vannot

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As a salesperson, you have a license to boast. You're a certified boaster. People expect you to bring good news to them. All you have to do is establish a comfort level that's a notch above your own norm and a little below each customer's comfort level. Conduct your e-business in this manner and you'll probably be welcomed back on a regular basis.

There Are Some Short-Cuts torepparttar Bank!

Just telling everyone about your own success, especially fresh accomplishments like, "I just finished..." is just third party testimony...yours! Hey, we get paid to do this! The bible even tells us something about it not being a smart move, to hide your light under a bushel basket. These are truly words to live by if you work in sales!

If your sales are down and you're struggling to sell inrepparttar 136337 dark, remember this song:

"This little light of mine......... I"M going to let it shine."

"Bold" can be beautiful when it's done with high class and good common sense. Make a list of your most recent success points. Use them to show your contacts and prospects that you do mean serious business. If you don't have any true sales success facts, it's better to keep a low profile until you do. Why? Because onrepparttar 136338 net, all that glitters isn't gold! --------------------

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Bill Vannot teaches his success students that boldness in sales can be beautiful. It might be your meal ticket to the success banquet. Stop by and see how Bill climbs the success ladder!

The Path To Your Prospect's Wallet Begins At His Heart

Written by Lisa Packer

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Next, take those benefits and paint a vivid picture of her enjoying them. Describe her laying inrepparttar grass looking atrepparttar 136297 clouds with her five year old. Show her co-workers becoming jealous of her beauty, and allrepparttar 136298 men who are clamoring for her attention. Describe how mundane life is without what you have to offer.

Once you get her emotions stirring, desire is born. Keep fanningrepparttar 136299 flames with your message, and that desire will lead to action repparttar 136300 purchase of your product or service!

Lisa Packer, author of, "How To Dramatically Increase Your Business... Without A Blockbuster Budget" is an independant copywriter and marketing consultant. For more helpful articles like this one, visit

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