Becoming an Ageless Golfer

Written by Sean Cochran

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Moving on to our second point,repparttar loss of muscle mass as you age, this one is a tough one to swallow. Just think, we actually LOSE muscle as we age. Pretty depressing. The good news is it can be limited or stopped. Before I give yourepparttar 149592 solution, let’s look at how this affects your golf swing. Essentially, inrepparttar 149593 golf swing you create club head speed. That club head speed isrepparttar 149594 result of creating rotational power, which we define as torque. To create torque,repparttar 149595 muscles ofrepparttar 149596 body have to be flexible, strong, and powerful. Now guess what? If you have less muscle, what do you think is going to happen to your power outputs and club head speed? The answer is they will decrease. No wonder they make senior shafts with a lot of flex. This isrepparttar 149597 golf manufacturers’ attempt to deal with this problem. It helps to a point, but we have a better solution. How about putting something in your bag that makes you stronger, improves your power, and gets back that lost distance? Sounds good? Well, it can be done if you implement a golf-specific strength-training program. You can get back that lost muscle mass, get back that power, and improve your driving distance. This is what we callrepparttar 149598 development of “golf strength,” and it can be done with a program that takes a total of 15 minutes a day!

Finally, moving on torepparttar 149599 flexibility issue, our bodies lose flexibility as we age. Flexibility is a must when it comes torepparttar 149600 golf swing. Here is what happens when you do not “work” on your flexibility. A loss of flexibility inrepparttar 149601 golf swing limitsrepparttar 149602 ability ofrepparttar 149603 body to performrepparttar 149604 correct actions to createrepparttar 149605 proper swing. Essentially, your body won’t allow you to takerepparttar 149606 club back and through onrepparttar 149607 correct swing path. This leads to miss hits, slices, hooks, and a whole bunch of other shots that are very unpleasant. So how do we fix this problem or not allow it to become a problem? The answer is to implement a golf-specific flexibility program. This again requires a daily commitment, butrepparttar 149608 time frame is very little (say 5 minutes a day). So again, ask yourself: Is it worth spending 5 minutes a day on flexibility to haverepparttar 149609 golf swing you would like? I bet most of you would answer yes.

The Magic Pill

Well, there you haverepparttar 149610 pleasures, displeasure, joys, and sorrows ofrepparttar 149611 aging process. We all get older, but there are things we can do to preventrepparttar 149612 displeasures and sorrows. If we take a little time every day and performrepparttar 149613 proper exercises and activities, we can reducerepparttar 149614 effects of aging and have a great swing for as long as we like. That’srepparttar 149615 only magic pill we know of. If you would like more information on this subject and how to go about improving your golf fitness, take a look at our web site at

Sean Cochran is one ofrepparttar 149616 most recognized golf fitness instructors inrepparttar 149617 world today. He travelsrepparttar 149618 PGA Tour regularly with 2004 Masters Champion Phil Mickelson. He has made many of his golf tips, golf instruction and golf swing improvement techniques available to amateur golfers onrepparttar 149619 website Check out his manual and DVD, Your Body & Your Swing, on To contact Sean, you can email him at

Sean Cochran is one of the most recognized golf fitness instructors in the world today. He travels the PGA Tour regularly with 2004 Masters Champion Phil Mickelson. He has made many of his golf tips, golf instruction and golf swing improvement techniques available to amateur golfers on the website

How To Make A Full Shoulder Turn When You're Not Young Or Flexible

Written by Joe Pena

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That said: It's time to tell you how to create a full shoulder turn without stretching exercises for days or weeks on end. But I must warn you, it flies inrepparttar face of convention. However, I must also point out, that a current tour player (Vijay Singh) does it.

And what's that he does?

He turns his hips too!

They don't stay put. They move. They turn. Just doing that alone will put your shoulders half way behindrepparttar 149591 ball. The remainder can be done by turning your shoulders as well.

Pretty sneaky huh?

Next time you see video of Bobby, or Sam, or Vijay...observerepparttar 149592 movement in their hips. Witness their ability to make a seemingly effortless shoulder turn...just before they smash their shot downrepparttar 149593 fairway.

Joe Pena runs the show at - He created "The Two Simple Adjustments That Will Stop You From Coming Over The Top, In 5 Swings Or Less, Or Your Money Back".

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