Becoming a Computer Trainer

Written by Roger Younce

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The computer training business can be a very profitable and enjoyable business for a new business owner. For example, no too long ago I attended a course myself and realized I was sitting in a class full of students. After calculatingrepparttar number students byrepparttar 107851 price of repparttar 107852 course, I realizedrepparttar 107853 center just made over $2000.00 for only seven hours of work (the class could have been done in half that time). That is good money for a computer trainer that could have gone on-site and conductedrepparttar 107854 same training. Not only didrepparttar 107855 center make over $2000.00, they did it for only one level. There were four more levels forrepparttar 107856 same course. Someone is making some very serious money, don't you think?

Whether you know a lot or a little about computers, you can become a computer trainer in not just Microsoft Office products but in a variety of computer related fields. My advice is finding your niche by looking at not only your talents but your passion. If you do decide to become a computer trainer, nothing can stop you if you have repparttar 107857 drive and desire to be successful.

Roger Younce owns and operates QuickLearn Computer Training Services in Cabot, Arkansas. QuickLearn Computer Training Services offers all types of Microsoft Office training for individual users and small businesses. For more information visit the QuickLearn Computer Training Services website at

No Operating System

Written by Paul Siegel

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Of course, this tremendous reliability comes at price. Why does repparttar operating system have millions of lines of code? To increase repparttar 107850 flexibility ofrepparttar 107851 computer. This is why such computers are called general purpose computers. Withoutrepparttar 107852 O.S.,repparttar 107853 computer loses this flexibility and becomes one that is tailored for a given purpose.

Producing many tailored non-O.S. computers is now worthwhile in order to achieve greater reliability.

It seems to me that this new technology is better than it appears to be at first blush. It may even be used to make general purpose computers more resistant to viruses. If a non-O.S. computer were used as an input-output device for a conventional O.S. computer, it could kill viruses before they reachrepparttar 107854 conventional computer.

I believe that non-O.S. computers have a great future!

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