Becoming Assertive

Written by Mike Moore

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6. Assertive behaviour supports your own dignity, while aggressive behaviour demeansrepparttar dignity of others.

7. Toxic people usually put others down when relating to them , with a look of distain, a sarcastic remark or direct verbal bullying.

8. You must haverepparttar 131480 courage to be assertive.

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The Secret to a Prosperous Life, Online or Off - Part 2

Written by Mary Wilkey

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She pasted everything onto a large sheet of posterboard and began to FEEL herself living inrepparttar cottage and working inrepparttar 131478 little dress shop. She became completely enthralled with her project and tackedrepparttar 131479 poster onrepparttar 131480 wall of her bedroom right in front ofrepparttar 131481 bed, so that it wasrepparttar 131482 first thing she saw inrepparttar 131483 morning andrepparttar 131484 last thing at night.

She vividly SAW herself living her dream: she andrepparttar 131485 children laughing and talking inrepparttar 131486 cottage, arrangingrepparttar 131487 furniture and putting up curtains; she'd PICTURE her daughters atrepparttar 131488 piano singing and playing; she would SEE her son sitting inrepparttar 131489 little library with books and papers all around him; she would SEE herself walking around her shop as people came and went, buying her merchandise, paying her for it, and leaving happy.

Bottom line, folks, she really GOT INTO IT!!!!

Gradually, she began to understand thatrepparttar 131490 treasure map was butrepparttar 131491 means of impressing upon her subconscious mindrepparttar 131492 pattern from which to buildrepparttar 131493 conditions of success and harmony into her life.

And she did something else—something most of us fail to do—she began praising and thanking God that her dreams were ALREADY REALITY! Whoa!

Stop right there, you say—isn't this just living in some sort of fantasy world?

NO! Because that's how faith and prayer work! Otherwise, where would faith be? There would be no need for it. You have ABSOLUTELY GOT TO BELIEVE that your dreams have already been accomplished inrepparttar 131494 spiritual dimension. Then HOLD ONTO THAT BELIEF like a guy who's just slipped overrepparttar 131495 side of a cliff and has grabbed onto a tree root. Sure it's painful; sure it's scary; sure there's no VISIBLE help in sight. But would you rather opt forrepparttar 131496 alternative? As long as you hold on, you still have hope!

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