Become a resource and they'll return!

Written by Daryl Clark

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4. Offer free chat from your web site. If you want to be a resource, offer peoplerepparttar opportunity to chat with other like minded web surfers at your site! To add chat to your web site, try DiscussWare for free. This great product adds chat to your site and is easy to set up. For a nominal fee you can upgrade to Discus Pro. To learn more or to add DiscussWare to your site visit this URL:

5. Use your newsletter or e-zine to get people to return to your site. If you have added new information to your site and you don't have a "What's New" page, then list "What's New" in your newsletter or E-zine. If you don't have a newsletter or E-zine, you can learn how to start one by visiting this page at our site.

If you do have a newsletter, include links back torepparttar 132090 location ofrepparttar 132091 relevant text or information in your site. If someone clicks through, they are very likely to look around and see what else you have added sincerepparttar 132092 last time they were there.

In summary, it is a shame to have hundreds or thousands of qualified people come to your web site only never to return! Userepparttar 132093 techniques we have list and you will get those qualified web surfers to come back again and again!

Daryl Clark is President and CEO of Their goal is to provide you with high quality information and management consulting services. You can visit their web site at or subscribe to their monthly newsletter: "What's The Word? How to separate Internet fact from fiction!", by sending a blank e-mail to:

Content is King

Written by Damian Bazadona

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Refreshed Content

When possible, up-daterepparttar content on your site. Ifrepparttar 132087 content is exactlyrepparttar 132088 same asrepparttar 132089 last time that user viewed your site, why should they stay? Furthermore, why should they return again if they believerepparttar 132090 sites content will be exactlyrepparttar 132091 same as when they left. Also, try and be consistent on your up-date schedule. Whether it is daily, weekly, or monthly,repparttar 132092 user knows when to return forrepparttar 132093 sites latest content.

Multiple Deliveries of Content

Offeringrepparttar 132094 content to be deliverable to their email account is a definite luxury that many web site visitors may definitely take advantage of. If you have multiple topics of content, you can offerrepparttar 132095 option to select which topics they are interested in receiving instead of all ofrepparttar 132096 content at once. The key here is to giverepparttar 132097 user control ofrepparttar 132098 content they are seeking.

Feedback to Improve Content

There is no better market research thatrepparttar 132099 insight from your site visitors. Make sure your web site has open channels of communication to allow visitors to let their opinion be heard. As with any web site, you should always respond promptly to suggestions or at least make note that all suggestions will be reviewed and taken into consideration.

Allow Visitors to 'Spread'repparttar 132100 Content

"Recommend a Friend" or "Send this Page" are very good features to have on a web site. It makes it quick and easy for users to spreadrepparttar 132101 word to friends and colleagues. You may also consider inserting a link "Print this Page" to further assist users in displaying your content

Damian Bazadona is President of Situation Marketing (, an Internet consulting and strategy company. Prior to forming Situation Marketing, Damian served as the Chief Marketing Officer for Cyber-NY Interactive and now serves as an advisor to the company

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