Beautiful Vancouver, City of the Sea & Mountains

Written by Clint Leung

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Back in downtown Vancouver,repparttar Gastown district is one ofrepparttar 150482 top tourist areas for boutique shopping and souvenirs. Donít missrepparttar 150483 steam clock that rings onrepparttar 150484 hour. Vancouver has one ofrepparttar 150485 largest Asian communities in North America sorepparttar 150486 Chinatown nearby as expected has some ofrepparttar 150487 best dim sum luncheons outside of Hong Kong. Further boutique shopping can be found inrepparttar 150488 Yaletown and Granville Island districts.

If time permits, one ofrepparttar 150489 recommended day trips to do out of Vancouver is to drive uprepparttar 150490 Sea & Sky highway to Whistler, one of North Americaís largest ski resorts. Duringrepparttar 150491 off ski season, Whistler is all season resort with many activities such as hiking, biking, festivities and shopping inrepparttar 150492 village. A ride uprepparttar 150493 gondola here will enable visitors to get a birdís eye view ofrepparttar 150494 majestic Canadian Rockies mountain range. The drive itself to Whistler, about two and a half hours alongrepparttar 150495 coastline, offers many wonderful scenic points as well.

Vancouver is a great city to visit as one can really see how a major city can still be in very scenic surroundings. For those coming to Vancouver asrepparttar 150496 departure port of a cruise to either Hawaii or Alaska, it is highly recommended to allocate at least a full day before or afterrepparttar 150497 cruise to see whatrepparttar 150498 city has to offer. As I mentioned before, on a sunny day withrepparttar 150499 sea on one side andrepparttar 150500 mountains onrepparttar 150501 other, Vancouver is really hard to beat.

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Kyrenia: The Jewel of Northern Cyprus

Written by Rhiannon Williamson

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The central shopping area of Kyrenia lies just behindrepparttar old harbour. It is well preserved and quaint with plenty of twisty narrow streets to explore each with their own unique character and charm. For those who like a bit of retail therapy, be it for gifts to take back to loved ones or forrepparttar 150481 latest high street fashions, you wonít be disappointed. Kyrenia isrepparttar 150482 perfect shopping location forrepparttar 150483 savvy shopper where youíll be able to pick up high quality designer clothes for a fraction ofrepparttar 150484 price that they would have cost you back home.

If you plan to stay a while in Kyrenia then youíll be pleased to know that accommodation is available to suit all budgets: from simple bed and breakfast to grand 5 star luxury in hotels like The Rocks or The Colony, each able to offer luxury that will satisfyrepparttar 150485 demands ofrepparttar 150486 most discerning guests. The Colony will take you for a tour ofrepparttar 150487 old town in a beautiful horse drawn carriage and if you prefer a little Hollywood living then a luxury stretched limo can be waiting to take you to a beachside restaurant of your choice.

Northern Cyprus is blessed with natural beauty andrepparttar 150488 charmed and historic old town of Kyrenia is trulyrepparttar 150489 jewel inrepparttar 150490 crown. There is literally something for everyone to see and do - whether itís to tasterepparttar 150491 fine seafood, to step back thousands of years in history or to simply relax and watchrepparttar 150492 world go by in one ofrepparttar 150493 most beautiful locationsrepparttar 150494 Mediterranean has to offer.

Rhiannon Williamson is a freelance writer whose articles about international travel and living in North Cyprus have appeared in many travel and expatriate publications throughout the world. You can find more of her articles at: -

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