Beautiful Lighting Tips 101 - A Crash Course in Lighting Design

Written by Brian Starr

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WALL WASHING is a type of Accent Lighting that creates an area of uniform illumination that may desirable for a series of photos or artwork. Wall Washing reducesrepparttar texture ofrepparttar 147856 wall surface. Oftenrepparttar 147857 reflected light can create ambient light inrepparttar 147858 remainder ofrepparttar 147859 room that is pleasing and restful. WALL GRAZING is opposite from Wall Washing in that it creates a dramatic highlight and shadow effect on surfaces such as draperies, stone or brick. Ceiling light fixtures for Wall Grazing are placed closer torepparttar 147860 wall than Wall Washing in order to highlightrepparttar 147861 three-dimensional effect.

DISPLAY LIGHTING consists of small low voltage lighting fixtures to illuminate cabinets displaying keepsakes, ornaments, dinnerware etc. Many under-cabinet fixtures (as described above) are suitable for display lighting. Small space xenon fixtures used on a "Mini" or "Linear" track have unparalleled design flexibility. Tiny fixtures may be spaced anywhere alongrepparttar 147862 track making it possible to create an even distribution or highlight task areas. Lamp choices from 3W to 20W allow illumination levels from a subtle glow to a brilliantly lit area. A "Light Baffle" often serves as a holder forrepparttar 147863 track and as a visual shield, concealingrepparttar 147864 halogen or xenon bulbs. An innovative use ofrepparttar 147865 baffle is as a rigid support, such as spanningrepparttar 147866 edge.

COVE LIGHTING gives a room a more open appearance by illuminatingrepparttar 147867 perimeter ofrepparttar 147868 room whererepparttar 147869 walls meetrepparttar 147870 ceiling. A large crown mold or soffit is built aroundrepparttar 147871 perimeter ofrepparttar 147872 room providing a concealed space for a continuous halogen or xenon track lighting. Cove lighting looks best with a smooth, even wash of light. Fixtures should be placed at least 4" fromrepparttar 147873 wall with 6" to 9" being ideal to minimize scalloping. The ceiling height aboverepparttar 147874 lamps should be not more than twicerepparttar 147875 distance fromrepparttar 147876 wall. The lamp spacing and wattage will depend on distance and brightness level desired. For a medium light level, a good starting point is with 5-watt lamps spaced 6" on center, with a track spaced 6" fromrepparttar 147877 wall and 10" fromrepparttar 147878 ceiling. From this reference point you can designrepparttar 147879 light level up or down as desired. A room with a dark ceiling, or a brightly lit room may need a higher light level.

Lighting that is thoughtfully considered can make a world of difference and will be an improvement that lasts for many years. Many home improvement stores include sample displays ofrepparttar 147880 various lighting systems and fixtures mentioned above. As with most appliances and electronics, there is a wide variety inrepparttar 147881 quality of lighting fixtures available. Be sure your purchase is from reputable well known company with fixtures that are either UL or ETC listed. There are numerous online retailers that offer name brand fixtures delivered to your door at very competitive prices.

Brian Starr owns a company that is in charge of WAC Lighting products, including transformers and dimmers.


Written by Mercedes Hayes

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This leads us torepparttar next issue that pertains especially to building a log home. Normally, banks release a draw afterrepparttar 147688 work has been completed. However, log home manufacturers require COD whenrepparttar 147689 logs are delivered (or ideallyrepparttar 147690 day before). Historically this had been a bone of contention betweenrepparttar 147691 banks and manufacturers, until certain banks tookrepparttar 147692 lead and set up accounts directly withrepparttar 147693 log home companies. This expeditedrepparttar 147694 whole process. These direct deposits become draws on your construction loan.  

EXAMPLE: In our case, we ordered a total of 11 draws. On settlement ofrepparttar 147695 construction loan,repparttar 147696 bank started us with about $38,000 for misc. expenses. We used much of this to bridgerepparttar 147697 gap between draws (the contractors want to get paid regularly). There was a draw forrepparttar 147698 Log Kit deposit. There was a draw for our Superior Walls precast foundation (another direct deposit). Another draw paid forrepparttar 147699 COD log delivery; another draw paid forrepparttar 147700 window delivery.   Then things got more tricky, becauserepparttar 147701 next draw coveredrepparttar 147702 well and septic, which had to be completed first. Oncerepparttar 147703 log walls were raised another draw came, another whenrepparttar 147704 "weathered-in shell" was complete, and another draw whenrepparttar 147705 mechanicals were installed. The last draw came atrepparttar 147706 end ofrepparttar 147707 project, butrepparttar 147708 bank wouldn't releaserepparttar 147709 money until we had stainedrepparttar 147710 house and planted grass seed. They wanted to make surerepparttar 147711 house was ready for sale. 

With luck, you won't be delayed by weather or on-site errors, which could derail your whole plan. However, if you don't have some extra money set aside, your contractors might quit working until they get paid, knowing full well that you won't get paid untilrepparttar 147712 work is finished. Coffee and donuts help to keep relations smooth, but nothing works like cash.

And remember: if by some miracle you don't use allrepparttar 147713 money you requested inrepparttar 147714 construction loan, you can always giverepparttar 147715 rest back. So don't cut corners. Estimate high, spend less, and you just might have enough left over for that luxury item you always wanted.

About the author: Mercedes Hayes is a Hiawatha Log Home dealer and also a Realtor in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. She designed her own log home which was featured in the 2004 Floor Plan Guide of Log Home Living magazine. You can learn more about log homes by visiting

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