Beat the summer heat - what size A/C do I need

Written by Donald Grummett

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Some people do not like a cool sleeping environment so they will tend to place it in a living room or family room. Or some people will place it inrepparttar family room becauserepparttar 142092 whole family can sleep there. Get outrepparttar 142093 sleeping bags and turn it into an adventure forrepparttar 142094 young ones. Beats waking up inrepparttar 142095 morning to find a dog, cat, and four kids inrepparttar 142096 bed with you.

Also window air conditioner can be noisy, which may disturb sleep. Others findrepparttar 142097 drone ofrepparttar 142098 fan actually promotes sleep because allrepparttar 142099 neighbourhood noises are drowned out. Some people sayrepparttar 142100 air conditioner works as well as a sleeping pill

But whichever room you eventually pick donít expectrepparttar 142101 impossible from youíre A/C. It is not meant to cool more than one room or one open area. Air conditioners will not cool other rooms? This is becauserepparttar 142102 blower in a window air conditioner is not very powerful. It is sized to cool one open area, not a number of interconnected rooms. Therefore once again a couple of smaller units may be better for your home than one large unit.

Lastly, remember to properly securerepparttar 142103 air conditioner in repparttar 142104 window. Once installed a piece of wood to stoprepparttar 142105 window from being lifted up is a good idea. If you have wooden sillsrepparttar 142106 simple addition of a wood screw atrepparttar 142107 top ofrepparttar 142108 raised window (the one you had to raise to install repparttar 142109 A/C) will only take a minute. Otherwise an intruder could gain access torepparttar 142110 house by liftingrepparttar 142111 window and lettingrepparttar 142112 A/C fall out. This could result inrepparttar 142113 loss of both your valuables andrepparttar 142114 air conditioner.

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Router Bit Basics

Written by Kaitlin Carruth

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High Speed Steel (HSS) bits have been around longer but are not as readily available asrepparttar carbide bits. An HSS router bit is not as expensive but will dull fairly quickly. The HSS router bit is more suited for occasional work while a carbide router bit is meant for greater use, lasting 20 times longer thanrepparttar 142008 HSS router bit.

How to Take Care of Router Bits

To keep your router bit set in good shape, you will want to do small amounts of cutting at a time. This not only keeps you away from overheating, but will also extendrepparttar 142009 life ofrepparttar 142010 router bit. Always userepparttar 142011 shortest and widest bit possible for your project. This will again prevent overheating and will also avoid chattering.

Always keep your router bits clean and free from pitch and in good condition to avoid dulling. Remove any pitch and tar fromrepparttar 142012 router bit (if not removed, it will causerepparttar 142013 bit to unevenly bounce onrepparttar 142014 surface). Commercial bit cleaner can be used to remove pitch and tar; however, a scrap piece of wood will usually dorepparttar 142015 trick. This will help keep your router bits in good working order.

The parts of a router bit,repparttar 142016 types of bits,repparttar 142017 difference between HSS bits and carbide bits, andrepparttar 142018 proper care of router bits are all important concepts to understand when selecting your own router bit set. This basic knowledge will help you know what you need in a router bit set and how to use it properly.

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