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Written by Richard Grady

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It isn't just DVDs that fall into this category. Take mobile (cell) phones. Here inrepparttar UK you can walk down just about any high street and getrepparttar 140010 latest phones either free or for a minimal token payment. The stores are relying on making their money fromrepparttar 140011 line rental contract that you will have to sign in order to getrepparttar 140012 phone. Of course,repparttar 140013 actual cost ofrepparttar 140014 phone is not free - most new mobiles are actually worth 200 or 300 which means that if you want to buy a batch of phones at wholesale, you are going to be looking at a pretty high unit cost. As with most electrical products,repparttar 140015 market is competitive and prices have been forced down which means thatrepparttar 140016 difference between your wholesale buying price and your retail selling price is minimal.

There are numerous products that suffer fromrepparttar 140017 same market conditions as DVDs and phones and new/small traders really should avoid trying to sell such items at all costs because it will usually be frustrating and ultimately not financially rewarding. When trying to decide what products to sell, you need to be thinking aboutrepparttar 140018 type of market that a particular product is sold in. If there are already numerous sellers and many large companies selling at considerable discounts this is far from ideal. The exception torepparttar 140019 rule is if you are able to add value in some way to make your 'offering' more unique. I wrote about adding value last year in one of my newsletters - you can read it here:

Atrepparttar 140020 end ofrepparttar 140021 day, it is all about research, being realistic and having an understanding ofrepparttar 140022 market that you want to operate in. Whilst it would be great to be able to buy and sell new release DVDs (or whatever) all day long, doubling your money every time, I am afraid that this is just not going to happen.

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TRAFFIC GENERATION ~ The Number One Skill That Will Generate Cash Flow. (Part 2 of 3)

Written by Ron Hutton

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Ezine ads can be purchased at reasonable rates andrepparttar cost will vary from one ezine to another depending onrepparttar 140009 newsletter's circulation, track record of producing sales andrepparttar 140010 exposure that you'll get.

By exposure, what I'm referring to isrepparttar 140011 type of ad that you buy. Your options typically include solo ads, top sponsor ads, middle sponsor ads, bottom sponsor ads and classified ads. A solo ad is sent in an email with no other distractions. You get all ofrepparttar 140012 attention, and for this reason it's alsorepparttar 140013 most expensive form of ezine advertising. Top sponsor ads allow you between 5 and 8 lines of copy and are included in regular ezine issues nearrepparttar 140014 very beginning ofrepparttar 140015 newsletter. Middle sponsor and bottom sponsor ads will be similar to top sponsor ads withrepparttar 140016 exception ofrepparttar 140017 position withinrepparttar 140018 newsletter. And lastly, classified ads are usually shown in groups nearrepparttar 140019 end of a newsletter and arerepparttar 140020 lowest cost.

My personal opinion is not to advertise in ezines that you haven't subscribed to. If you're considering advertising in any particular ezine, subscribe to it and read it for a few weeks before spending any money there. That way you'll be able to get a feel forrepparttar 140021 value ofrepparttar 140022 content,repparttar 140023 kind of reader that will be interested inrepparttar 140024 publication and whether or notrepparttar 140025 advertising opportunity is a good one.

Here are a few sites where you can begin researching ezines that accept advertising:

There are only 2 ways to get traffic to your website: 1) Buy it. 2) Borrow it.

In part 3 of this series, we'll continue our thoughts on "(2) Borrow it" - traffic that is.

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