Be an active provider!

Written by Eduardo Queiroz

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* Forums and discussion boards -- with these a new member can get up-to-date information from other members and experts inrepparttar field. It's also a great way to let members share experiences and "war stories" with each other.

* Weekly Conference Calls or "Power Brief" meetings -- When members know they can get updates aboutrepparttar 102587 company, or ask questions ofrepparttar 102588 company, they will feel much more secure. They will also feel more like they are an important part ofrepparttar 102589 company (which, of course, they are!).

* Updated information, marketing materials, and web content -- it's important that members don't feel like they are getting help just once. Rather, they should know that help is always available. By sending out new materials on a constant basis, member will know that they are being cared for byrepparttar 102590 program.

A lot has been written about customer service and support. Even if you think you have good customer service now, you should take a step back and see if your service is as ongoing as it should be.

Make sure that you are ACTIVELY helping new members and prospects!

Eduardo Queiroz specializes in finding programs that actively support their members.

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How To Boost Affiliate Sales With Your Own Training Site

Written by Keller Flynn

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* Provide a series of sales letters members can customize with their own name and URL. Create a series of ready-to-use ads of various lengths. You might even provide a recorded example of how to sell your product overrepparttar phone.

* Keep an updated library of success stories. When you see an affiliate making lots of sales, ask them how they do it. Either write up their experience yourself or haverepparttar 102586 affiliate write it. Most will be flattered you want to share their story with other affiliates.

The affiliate member site can also work well for network marketing opportunities (which for my money are just affiliate programs with more tiers.)

Well-known marketing expert Kevin Nunley has a simple but effective training site for members of his home business program. One page gives new members a quick introduction. The next page provides a quick and simple system for marketingrepparttar 102587 opportunity. The third page provides a vast number of additional marketing methods for those who want to workrepparttar 102588 business full time.

Even more basic to a good training site, drop by just about every day and add new information. Make sure it appears thatrepparttar 102589 store is open. Include updates, experiences, and offers to help members.

Make your email address and your phone number available to members. Don't worry about being overwhelmed with calls and messages. Most members will never try to contact you. But it is vital to be available for those who are motivated. They arerepparttar 102590 members who can double and triple your profits.

Keller Flynn offers the full spectrum of tools, ideas and action steps needed to create and run a successful affiliate program. Reach him at or 801-328-9006. Get his Extra Money Newsletter FREE at to learn more about how YOU can profit from the affiliate boom.

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