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Written by Stephen Bucaro

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[] The site's objectives [] Target audience [] Branding features [] Navigation [] Bad links [] Load time [] Browser compatibility [] "Aboverepparttar fold" interest [] Readability - color clash, font, layout [] Poorly written copy [] Typos and misspelled words [] Forms don't work [] Trust features. [] Provisions to accept feedback [] Reason for repeat visits

One warning note: Don't make a free review offer to a contractor that designedrepparttar 117395 site. First, you will be insulting their work, and second, they will fixrepparttar 117396 problems themselves, and chargerepparttar 117397 owner. Try to contactrepparttar 117398 owner ofrepparttar 117399 Web site, not someone who had been hired to design it.

Remember, a large part of your work will be marketing. Contactrepparttar 117400 owners of web sites to inform them ofrepparttar 117401 benefits they will receive as a result of your analysis. The more of an emotional slant you can put onrepparttar 117402 benefits,repparttar 117403 better. Don't expect them to buy onrepparttar 117404 first contact.

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Essential Equipment For Your Home Office

Written by BB Lee

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A Business Telephone System: If you want to successfully run your home based business. You must install a business telephone line along with an answering system. This will establish a professional image immediately. And you will not miss important calls when you are away. Plus, a line dedicated only to business calls is a good home business tax right off.

Cellular Telephone: A must have if you are onrepparttar move a lot. You can easily forward all your business calls to your cell telephone number. Never miss an important business call. Or if you stay online for long periods. You simply forward all calls, while online, to your cellular telephone number. Make sure your cell has caller Id, so you can answer onlyrepparttar 117394 calls you want. Very convenient.

Other Stuff: Take a trip to your local office supply store and purchase these basic essentials right away.

Paper (for printer & fax machine)

Printer cartridges

Computer mouse pad


Stapler/extra staples

Post-it note pads

Paper clips

Large legal pads



Storage boxes

Assorted rubber bands

That's it! After acquiringrepparttar 117395 above you will have allrepparttar 117396 basics to set up a home office.

Visit: And reviewrepparttar 117397 previous tips inrepparttar 117398 article section.

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