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Written by Valerie Giles

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Fonts, Ink Colors, and Paper Choices

Various fonts (typefaces) are also used to reflect your image. Simplicity and professionalism arerepparttar key.

The next consideration is your choice of ink colors and paper choices for producing your stationery packages. Take note ofrepparttar 144425 correspondence that you receive daily inrepparttar 144426 mail. Corporate professionals tend to use conservative and strong colors of ink. Blue and dark gray arerepparttar 144427 most popular choices for this group. But with more women inrepparttar 144428 boardrooms and young entrepreneurs inrepparttar 144429 technological and computer fields, colors are changing--becoming brighter and more adventurous. Popular color trends are desert colors--rust, green and indigo, for example. Trends to recycled papers arerepparttar 144430 result of our environmental focus. Today,repparttar 144431 recycling process is so advanced that most quality papers are recycled in varying percentages of recycled content. The speckled fiber look is not as popular as it once was; even many high-end papers have recycled content.

Business Cards

Business cards are oftenrepparttar 144432 first and last impression that you give a customer; so it is imperative that yours berepparttar 144433 best it can be. A quality business card and logo reflects favorably on you. It shows that you have takenrepparttar 144434 time to properly market your products, and states, "We're important." even before you say a word. It reflectsrepparttar 144435 quality of work that you do. In other words, ordinary card, ordinary work; great card, great work. A quality card will give yourepparttar 144436 competitive edge, especially if your card and that of your competitors' are inrepparttar 144437 hands of a customer trying to make a decision. Conclusion

Your image should reflect who you are. What image do you wish to project? And maintaining consistency with all your printed materials (logos, business cards, letterhead, invoices, brochures, advertisements and signage), as well as your web site design, will reinforce your credibility and professionalism, and enable you to build consumer confidence in your business.

With a great product, a successful business "persona" and a quality, consistent business package, your company and home based business is off to a positive start. Success is just aroundrepparttar 144438 corner.

Valerie Giles operates the Workathome-Resources Web Site which will be of interest to home-business beginners looking for profitable business ideas, resources, free grant money and start up information. She has successfully operated a graphic design and internet marketing home based business since 1990.

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