Be Ready for Change

Written by Dennis Eppestine

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Another fear of change involvesrepparttar fear of how it reflects upon you. For example, I changed some very basic facts about a couple of my websites. It was something I felt I had to do, but like I said,repparttar 131910 changes were fundamental. So naturally, I start thinking things like, "Will visitors realize what I've done?" "Will they understand thatrepparttar 131911 change was something I feel deeply about?" "Will they think I'm insane?" (See how my mind works?)

But to follow my own advice - I had to be ready to change, in spite ofrepparttar 131912 natural fears.

So embrace change, learn from it, accept it. If you're in Internet Marketing, it's a part of your life!

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Three Ways to Add Versatile Content to Your Site or eZine

Written by Mitchell Harper

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Product reviews can work well for you both content wise and financially wise: You get a new form of content on your site, but you can also link back torepparttar product (from within your review) with your unique tracking ID. This means that for every sale that company gets from a visitor buying their product through a link from your review, you receive a percentage of that sale, usually around 5-20%.

Once again, itís a win-win situation. The key here is to review products that your visitors will find useful and exclude any marketing hype fromrepparttar 131908 review.

------------------------------------------ Books ------------------------------------------

Everyone reads in some-way or another: conventional books, email,repparttar 131909 daily newspaper, eBooks, articles, etc. People feel empowered when they have read something that provides them with useful, free information. A book review can do just that.

There are hundreds of online stores that allow you to link to their books section and receive commission on a per-order basis. The most popular one is Amazon, with over 500,000 members. Their associates program (located at lets you enter a books ISBN code and spits out a link and picture right back to that book on their site.

Reviewing a book is easy, but either you or someone you know must have readrepparttar 131910 book beforehand. Donít fall intorepparttar 131911 trap of simply readingrepparttar 131912 books blurb and then writing a review on it, because you will get caught out and your visitors will loose trust in you.

When reviewing a book, let your visitors know your overall opinion ofrepparttar 131913 book, as well as your favourite points and sections inrepparttar 131914 book. Include as many peoples opinion on that particular book as you can, whether they are positive or negative. Your readers will expect you to provide them with honest reviews, and thereís no point lying just so they buyrepparttar 131915 book.

You may also like to include a sample chapter fromrepparttar 131916 book in your review. This lets visitors have a read ofrepparttar 131917 book without actually purchasing it. If they likerepparttar 131918 sample chapter, then thereís a good chance they will click on your link to buyrepparttar 131919 book inrepparttar 131920 end. I like to review Wroxís series of programming books, because they let you publish a sample chapter from their book on your site, just like I have at

------------------------------------------ Conclusion ------------------------------------------

Donít get stuck intorepparttar 131921 habit of postingrepparttar 131922 same type of content on your site. Asrepparttar 131923 saying goes, variety isrepparttar 131924 spice of life, and this is true inrepparttar 131925 online world also. If you run a content driven site then have a brainstorm listing several companies, products and books related to your sites content that you could review.

For each company, compose an email to send usingrepparttar 131926 format that I have outlined in this article. Start by writing to 2-3 companies requesting virtual interviews and see how you go.

For each product, write up a similar email requesting either a beta/full copy ofrepparttar 131927 software you want to review. Because you need to actually spend time reviewing and testingrepparttar 131928 product first, you should start with just 1-2 emails and see how you go.

Books, onrepparttar 131929 other hand, are a different story. Goto and signup for free. Then, pick a couple of books (ones that you have read) and write a 1-2 page review on each one. Post them straight onto your site withrepparttar 131930 link provided byrepparttar 131931 Amazon associates program atrepparttar 131932 end ofrepparttar 131933 review.

Until next time, I would recommend you experiment withrepparttar 131934 ideas outlined in this article. If you do everything right, then you can expect your visitor count to increase as a result.

Mitchell Harper is the founder of, which provides top quality ASP, C++, Java, PHP, Visual Basic and .NET articles for the budding web developer! Looking for some nitfy programming tricks and tutorials that you won't find anywhere else? Then visit us now at

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