Be Aware of Phishing Scams!

Written by Nowshade Kabir

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The scammers also started to use more sophisticated technologies in recent months. The latest generation of phishing scammers uses several methods to trick users, including pop-up graphics to mastrepparttar true web URL ofrepparttar 127544 phishing site andrepparttar 127545 installation of Spywares and Trojans on victimís computer. The perpetrators also take advantage of security bugs in web browsers, in whichrepparttar 127546 URL inrepparttar 127547 address bar appears to be for one site but is, in fact, a link to a totally different site.

A new Windows worm underrepparttar 127548 name "Korgo" is able to infiltrate into victimís system with a key logging Trojan, steal information thatrepparttar 127549 victim input in web forms and secretly transmit to designated server. There are a number of variants of this worm and they are spreading rapidly. However, Microsoft in April came up with a patch to seal this glitch. Many computers withoutrepparttar 127550 patch are still vulnerable to this potentially dangerous worm.

A U.S. Treasury report provides consumers with steps to prevent and report phishing scams:

- Do not respond to or open any e-mail that warns that an account is about to be closed. Contactrepparttar 127551 company directly by phone and inquire of this e-mail.

- Do not submit financial information unless there is a symbol for a locked padlock onrepparttar 127552 browser's status bar. Also look forrepparttar 127553 https:// atrepparttar 127554 beginning ofrepparttar 127555 Web address. If both of these signs are absent, repparttar 127556 Web site is not secure.

- Always review your bank statement and credit card statements immediately upon receipt.

- Verifyrepparttar 127557 domestic telephone number listed onrepparttar 127558 Web site through directory assistance or other reliable sources and callrepparttar 127559 number. Many phishing attacks have originated outsiderepparttar 127560 U.S. and don't have a domestic number.

- Report suspicious activity or if you have been defrauded torepparttar 127561 FTC andrepparttar 127562 FBI.

- Phishing e-mails can be forwarded to Complaints can be filed at Phishing attacks can also be reported torepparttar 127563 Internet Fraud Complaint Center at

Other cautionary measures you should take in order to protect yourself are:

- Since most ofrepparttar 127564 phishing emails come through spam, get a spam filter and install on your computer.

- If you suspect a phishing attempt, report immediately to repparttar 127565 bank. Every bank web site has a link or a toll-free number to report scams. Don't be ashamed if you were tricked into divulging account information. If you report it immediately, your account will be protected until you receive a new PIN.

- Change your password and PINs regularly. Banks advise that you use separate PINs and passwords for different accounts, that way if one gets compromised, your entire financial life wonít be revealed. - If you are a frequent user of EBay, download its Web browser toolbar, a small program that runs with a user's Web browser. It flashes red whenrepparttar 127566 user visits a possible spoof site. The toolbar uses a database of spoof site URLs, submitted by customers and is updated quite often.

- Check your computer frequently for possible Trojan virus.

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6 steps to win on High Yield Investment Programs (HYIP)

Written by Fryan Valdez

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4. Diversify your money to your final selected programs. You can dorepparttar following:

Example: Total Investment - 300$

Program,Investment,Compounded (%) A,100,50% B,100,30% C,300,0%

Do not compound all you investment because it's to risky. I recommend that one of your program should be 0% compunded and

deposited directly to your e-gold account

5. Monitor. Monitor. Monitor --- Visitrepparttar 127543 review sites if possible everyday to checkrepparttar 127544 statuses of your HYIP. If one of your HYIP website had been down for 3- 5 time in one month start pulling out your principal from this program.

6. Last Step, Study and Learn. Read investment articles that can help you increase your understanding on internet investments. Here is a great resource:

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By following this 6 steps you can win and beat HYIP scams! Happy Investing!

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