Battle of the Titans - Encarta vs. the Britannica

Written by Sam Vaknin

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The Encarta incorporates numerous third-party texts and visuals (including dozens of Discovery Channel videos, hundreds of newspaper articles, and a plethora of Scientific American features). The Encarta's multimedia offerings are also impressive with thousands of video and audio clips, maps, tables, and animations. The Britannica provides considerably more text - though it has noticeably enhanced it non-textual content overrepparttar year (the 1994-7 editions had nothing or very little but text).

Both reference products would do well to integrate with new desktop search tools from Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, and others. A seamless experience is inrepparttar 105769 cards. Users must and will be able to ferret content from all over - their desktop, their encyclopedias, andrepparttar 105770 Web - using a single, intuitive interface.

The new Encarta Search Bar, which was integrated intorepparttar 105771 product this past year, enables users to search any part ofrepparttar 105772 Encarta application (encyclopedia, dictionary, thesaurus, etc) without havingrepparttar 105773 application open. Definitely a step inrepparttar 105774 right direction.

Having used both products extensively inrepparttar 105775 last few months, I found myself entertaining some minor gripes:

The Encarta offers 3-D tours which gobble up computer resources and are essentially non-interactive a limited. Is it worthrepparttar 105776 investment andrepparttar 105777 risk torepparttar 105778 stability and performance ofrepparttar 105779 user's computer?

The editorial process is not transparent. It is not clear how both products cope with contemporary and recent developments, minority-sensitive issues, and controversial topics (such as abortion and gay rights).

The Encarta tries to cater torepparttar 105780 needs of challenged users, such asrepparttar 105781 visually-impaired - but is still far from doing a good job of it. The Britannica doesn't even bother.

The atlas, dictionary, and thesaurus incorporated in both products are surprisingly outdated. Why not use a more current - and dynamically updated - offering? What about dictionaries for specialty terms (medical or computer glossaries, for instance)? The Encarta's New English Dictionary dropped a glossary of computer terms it used to include back in 2001. All'srepparttar 105782 pity.

Both encyclopedias consume (not to say) hog computer resource far in excess ofrepparttar 105783 official specifications. This makes them less suitable for installation on older PCs and on many laptops. Despiterepparttar 105784 hype, relatively few users possess DVD drives (but those who do find, in both products,repparttar 105785 entire encyclopedia available on one DVD).

But that's it. Don't think twice. Run torepparttar 105786 closest retail outlet (or surfrepparttar 105787 relevant Web sites) and purchase both products now. Combined, these reference suites offerrepparttar 105788 best value for money around and significantly enhance you access to knowledge and wisdom accumulated over centuries all overrepparttar 105789 world.

Sam Vaknin ( ) is the author of Malignant Self Love - Narcissism Revisited and After the Rain - How the West Lost the East. He served as a columnist for Central Europe Review, PopMatters, and eBookWeb , and Bellaonline, and as a United Press International (UPI) Senior Business Correspondent. He is the the editor of mental health and Central East Europe categories in The Open Directory and Suite101.

Get Rid of Unwanted White Box with the help of CorelDraw

Written by Maricon Williams

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Although you could create objects and layers in earlier versions of Photo-Paint, and even preserve them withrepparttar CPT format, now you can import a layered CPT or PSD file for that matter into CorelDraw 7/8 and Ungroup to editrepparttar 105768 layers. If you don't likerepparttar 105769 white background in your bitmap, just hitrepparttar 105770 Delete key- that easy!

CorelDraw 7/8 also includes much of Photo-Paint's functionality right insiderepparttar 105771 Draw module. Create your artwork, and fromrepparttar 105772 Bitmap menu select Convert to Bitmap). Choose your color depth and resolution and check Transparent Background. If you are planning to use some ofrepparttar 105773 Effects filters included in Draw 7's in-place bitmap editing, you should enclose your objects inside a no fill, no outline box to make an interface of workspace forrepparttar 105774 Effect. Draw 8 has an Auto-Inflate Bitmap option.

With CorelDraw and Photo-Paint 6, you will have an improved bitmap handling. Itís like magic. You can import bitmap into Draw and watchrepparttar 105775 background and unwanted colors vanish. With CorelDraw, you can hide everything in its invisibility cloak!

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