Batman Birthday Party Ideas

Written by Janice Wee

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Getrepparttar birthday child to turn onrepparttar 142955 batsignal.

Oncerepparttar 142956 batsignal is turned on, Batman comes out ofrepparttar 142957 batcave andrepparttar 142958 villians split up and hide all overrepparttar 142959 place. The guests can now freely roam aroundrepparttar 142960 entire place includingrepparttar 142961 batcave to help Batman findrepparttar 142962 villians. Once found, a villian would shoot atrepparttar 142963 guest and run off to avoid batman. Batman catches them one by one and ties their arms together, leaving them inrepparttar 142964 care of some guests. They do not escape.. or maybe they do.. depending on how exciting, or chaotic you want it to be.

Atrepparttar 142965 end ofrepparttar 142966 program, Batman captures allrepparttar 142967 villians withrepparttar 142968 help ofrepparttar 142969 guests. After drying up and changing clothes,repparttar 142970 guests gather forrepparttar 142971 main feast atrepparttar 142972 party.

The writer is the webmaster of Birthday Joy - Batman

Discover Your Housing Value System

Written by Lois A. Vitt

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If you can recall your housing past and prioritize your current housing values, you can more easily make housing choices and push through any decision barriers that may be stopping you from havingrepparttar home of your choice.

Fully understood, this system reveals competing values, needs, wants and “shoulds.” Your housing value system is your best tool for making good housing choices. It can help you stay focused and maintain your objectivity, guiding you through all that really matters to you. It can help you counter frustration and anxiety so you can sort through your alternatives and make your best decision. Most importantly, it can guide you to decisions based on your true housing values and needs rather than on subconscious wants or other people's “shoulds.”

Lois A. Vitt is a housing expert and financial sociologist, and is the author of "10 Secrets to Successful Home Buying and Selling", the first book in the real estate market to demystify the psychological forces behind our housing decisions. To learn more about Lois and this book, visit

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