Baseball on Your Mobile Phone!

Written by Joi Sigers

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-Alerts: Find outrepparttar last inning details.

-Games, trivia and other fun stuff.

-Ringtones! Music, voices, highlights. The great Barry Bond's breakingrepparttar 137663 record, "We arerepparttar 137664 Champions" (*cough, wheeze*), and special "at bats" or plays for each ofrepparttar 137665 different teams.

Clickrepparttar 137666 link below to accessrepparttar 137667 main page. Inrepparttar 137668 top left corner, and atrepparttar 137669 bottom ofrepparttar 137670 page are "pull down" menus. This is where you go to findrepparttar 137671 Cardinals, Cubs, Giants, Brewers, Sox, etc. Take a look around, there's a lot of great stuff to be found. Goes Mobile

And byrepparttar 137672 way, many sincere, heart-felt congratulations torepparttar 137673 Boston Red Sox and their passionate fans. You deserve allrepparttar 137674 credit and glory,you have a team, a fan base and an organization you can all be proud of.

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Why Canít My Cell Phone Go Into Power Save Mode?

Written by Gina Novelle at

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Every once in a while, just before it dies, I yell ďhello, I canít talk, because my cell phone battery is beeping.Ē Then all I hear isrepparttar annoying tone, signally my cell phone just flat lined. Hey, itís not like they can call me back and find out what I needed. As a matter of fact, my husband pointed that out to me. He says it only causes others to worry, and they couldnít even find me using my cell phone as a tracking device Ė duh,repparttar 137183 battery is dead! If my cell phone transmission can be tracked and possibly save my life, then why does my adding machine have power save mode, but not my cell phone?

My technical friend tried to give me an answer. He told me that if cell phones shut down, there wasnít a way to turn them back on. As I leftrepparttar 137184 room, thinking to myself, ďthatís just like a tech, if they canít do it, then it canít be done.Ē I wanted to scream, ďever hear of remote operations.Ē Come on. What makes my HP G85 wake up? A signal is sent to it from a computer. Donít we have digital phones now? You can send e-mail to my phone, but you canít send a signal to wake uprepparttar 137185 battery? Iíll ask one more time!

Why canít my cell phone go into power save mode?

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