Bariatric Surgery Centers in the U.S.

Written by Eddie Tobey

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The American College of Surgeons (ACS) recommends choosing a bariatric center that completes at least 125 bariatric surgeries per year. According torepparttar ACS, well-equipped centers will typically have two or more bariatric surgeons on staff, and highly experienced surgeons would be certified byrepparttar 149303 American Board of Surgery and complete at least fifty bariatric operations per year.

There are bariatric surgery centers located acrossrepparttar 149304 entire country. Prominent bariatric surgery centers includerepparttar 149305 Alsam Bariatric Center,repparttar 149306 Michigan Bariatric Surgery Center of Excellence P.C.,repparttar 149307 University of Pittsburgh Medical Center,repparttar 149308 Hackensack Bariatric Surgery Center,repparttar 149309 Bariatric Institute of Kentucky, andrepparttar 149310 California Institute of Minimally Invasive Surgeryís Advanced Bariatric Surgery Center of Fresno, among many others.

Bariatric Surgery Info provides detailed information on bariatric surgery, including cost, patients, centers, diet, financing, and complications, as well as specific procedures like laparoscopic and bypass surgery. Bariatric Surgery Info is the sister site of Gastric Bypass Surgery Web.

Is Vitamin E Lethal?

Written by Dr. Randy Wysong

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The gamma-tocopherol has many proven life-lengthening and disease preventing benefits but when high levels of alpha-tocopherol are consumed these benefits may be cancelled by a kind of biochemical interference. Therefore, whatever gamma-tocopherol was being consumed inrepparttar diet may have been cancelled out byrepparttar 149302 supplements inrepparttar 149303 study. When one is done looking atrepparttar 149304 details behindrepparttar 149305 headlines there remains no basis for suggesting that high levels of natural vitamin E are dangerous, but rather, when consideringrepparttar 149306 entire body of scientific evidence, there is significant reason for believing exactlyrepparttar 149307 opposite! So much for headlines. Perhaps more important thanrepparttar 149308 misleading nature ofrepparttar 149309 story isrepparttar 149310 reason why it would receive top billing. News organizations seem to be fiendishly rubbing their hands together just waiting for any little tidbit that could debunkrepparttar 149311 value of supplements or a natural approach to health. (They receive huge advertising dollars fromrepparttar 149312 pharmaceutical and other medical industries.) Of courserepparttar 149313 medical community is right there ready to pile on as well. They have a vested interest in maintainingrepparttar 149314 popular mindset that disease is just one of those things that happen, that people are victims of disease, and doctors are needed for repair. The notion that supplements, food, and lifestyle can prevent or cure disease threatens their grip and profitability. Never mind that modern health care isrepparttar 149315 greatest threat to life and health, killing more people than any other cause. () Thatís not worthy of news, but scaring people away from supplements based upon a flawed study is. We do not live in a rational world. Is vitamin E supplementation necessary? No, not if you are eating a varied diet of raw, organic, natural foods, living out of doors, exercising daily and are not subject to any workplace or other environmental pollutants. If that is not how you are living, then 400IU of a natural vitamin E tocopherol mix is a very good idea. It is logical since it replaces what would be present in a natural raw diet and helps offset modern toxins, pollutants and stresses. It is also supported by a mountain of good scientific research.

Dr. Wysong is author of seven books on health, nutrition, philosophy and origin of life. He is director of the non-profit Wysong Instute and author of the Wysong e-Health Newsletter (free on-line) now in its 18th year of continuous publication.

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